Animal Loving Tenant

First and foremost let me introduce you to Angela of Bold Contemplations . Angela is a strong-minded and opininated person who enjoys lively and passionate debates and whose blog goal is to spark these types of debates.

A love of debate and the desire to start such, who does this remind you of?

When I first clicked the link to her blog I immediately saw the heading “Assinine” followed by Being an animal lover and the owner of 2 dogs and a rabbit, I was naturally concerned… You all know of my love of animals and my hatred of anything that harms them in any way. I needed to read no further before hitting the “accept bid” button of BlogExplosion. Go read the post that sold me.

And Angela, let me just add that I don’t find you naïve in the least but absolutely correct in your post. Welcome to my blog! It’s a pleasure to have a like-minded animal loving tenant.

The rest of you, get over to Bold Contemplations and show her some love.

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