Lesbian Tendencies

So I kissed a girl. Now this isn't new, nor is it news. The different part is that it was at work, in the elevator. We'll call her "The Girl" because at this point, she is. She's pretty new, and she's not in my department, but another "working" department like mine. She's not pretty in the "classic" sense of the word, being a bit gothic (like me), dark hair (naturally, unlike me), brown eyes (blue here), about 5'4 (5'2) or so, tattooed and pierced (like me). A year or two older or younger than I am, give or take. Not skinny thin, but definitely not fat, just well, about perfect. Let me offer a bit of background...

I passed her in the hall a few days after she started, we spoke the small talk polite cordialities of "hi, how are you? Just fine, you? Have a great day!" and went on. Shortly after that I began seeing her more frequently as she was scheduled to work my floor. We'd stop and talk about trivial things mainly, her tattoos, my tattoos, she asked if my nose piercing hurt and I told her I'd always wanted my tongue done; as well as the usual gossip about coworkers. My facility is loaded with catty bitches and backstabbers. People tell me "oh that happens everywhere" and I don't doubt that it does, but I have to wonder if the magnitude of viciousness at other jobs could possibly rival what's found at mine.

For example, one of my coworkers announced in a crowded locker room that another of my coworkers has AIDS and her husband cheats on her and has women in her bed and only keeps her for her paycheck (his standards are low then, she's a housekeeper). Anyway, this woman is pushing 60 years old. Now her husband may be a creep, but I seriously doubt this woman has AIDS and if she does, who cares? We're not fucking her. But most importantly, what kind of person announces such shit in a crowded area of people the 'gossipee' sees on a daily basis?

Anyway, we traded numbers and she called me two evenings later and we talked for about an hour and a half. Not surprisingly, we have quite a bit in common. I don't have many (ok, any) offline real female friends, believe it or not.

You're probably wishing I'd quit loading your eyeballs with pointless filler and get to the point, eh?

Ok, so yesterday I got in the maintenance elevator on 2nd and hit the button for 5th. The doors opened on 3rd and The Girl got in. I asked her what she was doing tonight, since I have Friday (today) off this week. She had to work at 5:30 this morning, but we agreed to meet up tonight instead. I'm not even sure how exactly it happened. One second we were making plans the next she leaned over and kissed me.

Here I should mention that I am not a lesbian. I love men. Some of them anyway. When I was 17 I first kissed a girl. It was at a big party and was for shock effect. When I was 19 my best friend and I had a little "fun". We both had boyfriends who were best friends as well. However when I was 21 I had my first "girlfriend". It didn't last long as I really don't get along with women. These years, and the years following were all variegated with the occasional female fling, none lasting any serious length of time.

I'm really not sure how it happened (or maybe I'm refusing to tell you) but in the few unfortunately short moments between floors we wound up with her arms around my waist, hands on the railing behind me and mine in her hair. For those who wonder, kissing a woman is much the same as kissing a man, minus the facial hair and the whole "roughness" aspect. The Girl was a little more, um, enthusiastic, than other girls I've kissed. Or maybe that was me. Whichever.

We hadn't discussed this. No really, we hadn't. I had no clue whatsoever she was into girls. And it's not something I talk much about or publicize at work. Which makes what happens next a bit unnerving.

The doors opened to our newest maintenance guy. He just looked at us. But the look on his face was absolutely priceless. I'm sure I just appeared stunned, my finest "deer in the headlights" look. The Girl broke the tension with a big flashy grin which gave him the courage to say (stutter) "Uh.." Hahaha! Ingenious!
"Soooo, you going down?" I finally asked him, index finger on the 'close door' button. I've never seen a man turn so many shades of red. It didn't hurt at all that he's wholly adorable. I was prepared to wait for his answer, but she, obviously having more sympathy than I, saved him from having to come up with an answer by reaching across me to hit the button; closing the doors.

She looked at me and laughed, "I don't want to walk past him getting out of here!" I didn't blame her one little bit.

The next few times I saw Maintenance Guy after that he looked away when passing me. It didn't take him long though to regain his composure when he asked me when the next viewing would be. The Girl and I both wonder how long it'll take for gossip to spread. I can hardly wait.

And yes, I'm still seeing her tonight.

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Neurotic Mom said...

So has the gossip started yet? LOL I love doing things for shock effect and starting rumors.