The Rumor Mill

Has failed me thus far. Not one word has been said to The Girl or myself. We get dorky grins from Maintenance Guy who caught us, especially if we're together, but as far as I know he's told nobody. Too weird. But I guess men aren't as bad as women are at spreading gossip. It's early too though. I've been trying to get a picture of Maint. Guy to display here but so far, he's been shy. So you'll have to settle for the Random Image of the Day - which so happens to be of The Elevator. Fascinating image, The Elevator (fascinating to me anyway, haha); you can make it full size by clicking on the pic.

You'll notice that Rosie, my current Roomie isn't my usual type of tenant. I decided it was time for a blog a bit more on the serious side - one that stood out to me for my own personal reasons. Rosie tells it best when she describes her own blog as: My own style of living with the severe arthritis I have and that also includes the ways my Gimp friends live with their severe arthritis. A melange of Gimp views. But what about Rosie you ask? Well she has lots of time for friends and online activities due to being severely disabled by arthritis. My Dear Hubby is my silent partner and supporter in all my ventures.

Send your warmest fuzzies Rosie's way and leave her a message. Tell her I sent ya!

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