And This Concludes

as of today, my 4 day weekend. I spent the whole day Thursday on homework (and I'm still going to have to do more today), Friday I went to KC, Saturday I went shopping in Wichita with Mom and her friend, and today I'm afraid, I'm back to homework.

That's it. That's all I have right now. Well aside from bitching and I'm not really in the mood yet.

Forgive me if I ramble, I'm on coffee; and my coffee makes me twitch and vibrate like a livewire.

Here are pictures from Friday and Saturday - the best I could do as nothing fascinating happened (but it was so much better than work). This is most of what turned out as pictures are difficult to take sometimes at 110mph {Law Enforcement - Read: 70 mph}

Comments before you view the pictures below: *It's Kansas, what do you expect?!
*I go to Wichita and KC all the time, and every time I'm like a tourist. I'm the same way in my hometown too. I have a fleeting attention span. Once in awhile I even focus (momentarily) on something really good.

1) KS Clouds
2) KS Clouds II
3) KS Clouds III
4) KS Clouds IV
5) KS Clouds V
6) KS Clouds VI
7) KS Clouds VII
8) KS Clouds VII
9) KS Clouds VIII

But not this time.

Did you think I'd never run out of cloud pictures? Geez! Well it was stormy. I didn't try to take pictures from the driver's seat of a moving vehicle during the periods of torrential rain when I couldn't see through the windshield. No, thanks. That's the end of those though. The next are a little better. Note: I only promise "a little".

10) My Next Car
11) Bridge in Wichita
12) Buildings in Wichita
13) Buildings in Wichita II
14) Big Building in Wichita
15) Castle in Wichita
16) Best Movie Theater in the World
17) Fetish Lingerie

10 - I kid! I blocked out the car's tag number for his anonymity. Well, he IS driving a Suzuki Swift. Show some sympathy! It has to be an old one tho, because you'll notice the new ones are pretty spiffy. This pic was taken right before I passed him as if he were going the other way.

16 - Note, I didn't say "Best Movie".

17 - Car was moving when I took the pic & since I was with my mother and a friend of hers I didn't really want to say "Mom! I'm going to take a picture of the sleazy store!" and go back, ya know? If I'd been alone I'd have had to go in. So the pic isn't the greatest. I'm posting this though to prove that KS does, indeed, have everything. I love Wichita, but I want to live in KC.

For those of you looking to buy a car, I drive all sorts of them on my trips. This time, I rented a 4-door '06 Chevy Cobalt. It was like driving a plastic.. Something. A plastic something was this car. It was generic which was probably why I hated it. The loaded versions are much nicer. So if you buy one, get a good one. And let me see drive it, because right now I'm not a fan of the Cobalt, and that saddens me deeply because I really wanted one.

People will argue that one cannot fully concentrate on homework with something blaring in your ears. I say "Bullshit, I can't concentrate anyway". This moment's song is Poe's Trigger Happy Jack.

And again, I apologize to those who have bid on my blog this round - I still can't accept. If anyone knows how to fix this issue, please let me know.

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