Hating Everything as a Hobby

Do you ever have those days where you just hate everything? I think we all have. Today was one of those days. I went to work this morning to what appeared to be a perfectly normal day in Hell. I hadn't been there but maybe ten minutes when I was mentally pointing at people and thinking to myself "I hate you. I hate you. I hate you and you and you and... *turning to the left* you. I hate you the most. I hate the bitch behind you too, and the cow at the desk. You, the skag in the office, can't forget you..." And then I went upstairs to a terribly busy wing and realized I hated everyone I had passed down the halls and in the elevator I had ridden up in. I got to my area, saw the mile long list of patients that were checking out today and on my shift nonetheless and I began to hate them too. I told myself if I didn't get started I'd never get finished and threw myself into my work. I didn't get finished anyway. I hate my job.

I went to the grocery store before I came home, and while shopping usually cheers me up today it did nothing. I hate shopping for munchies - I no longer eat any of the good shit. It's depressing. I hate being depressed. I bought baby carrots. I hate carrots, unless they're steamed, they're good steamed. The cashier was cute. Young, but incredibly cute; with a good sense of humor. I forgot I hated everyone. I forgot the carrots when I left. The cashier came chasing after me in the parking lot, I thought that was so sweet.

"Ma'am.. Ma'am! You forgot your carrots!!"

Ma'am. He called me Ma'am. I hate him too.

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Fida said...

one advice: dun be hatin' girl