On a Lighter Note

1) Quite possibly the hottest man on the planet.
2) Two of my fishies.
3) Scorpion paperweight. I’ve had this for years.
4) My hair – Kinda.
5) My Baby.
6) Where I got my ticket. AKA – Any Highway in KS.
7) I love this driveway sign. Not sure why. It’s next to this:
8) Bridge.

And for today: The sign next to the above bridge.

I’d like to formally apologize to anyone who’s bid to rent the last three times I’ve posted an offer at BE. Each time I have tried to accept bids and each time I’ve gotten error messages. I will continue to post offers, kindly continue to bid. One of these days I have faith it’ll work.

I was recently beaten in a Battle of the Blogs match by This Blog. That blog is pretty spiffy, so I’m suggesting you visit it. Passing Judgement. Definitely check out the post titled Hope You Never Grow Old. It’s too true, sadly, but the last few lines are absolutely hilarious.