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for yesterday this time. I fucked up the rotation, eh? Anyway, to catch up I'm going to post two (2) R.I.'s this evening. Lucky you! So here's the first. This is a sky shot (obviously) in Kansas City, MO. Don't ask what building that is, because I haven't a clue. There's some really spiffy buildings in downtown KC but I never had my camera.. Until this time.

You'll probably be seeing quite a few pictures that I took yesterday - but it takes too much time for me to resize them all and it's not a venture I'm ready to start in on tonight.

The next picture's also from downtown KC but this one's taken from the sunroof while I was stopped at a light.

Now that I've started carrying a camera with me all over the place, you're going to be bored fascinated with my glorious photography skills of absolutely everything that catches my attention for any amount of time. I'm easily entertained if you hadn't picked up on that yet.

And since I rent a car every time I go too far from home, and keep you posted on what kind it was each time - this time it was a Hyundai Sonata. When I first got into it it felt like I was driving a tank. But as soon as I realized just how quickly it would move, it rapidly became my new favorite. I'll have you all know I skillfully dodged two, maybe more, speeding tickets by slamming on the brakes at the last minute. So it wasn't very skillful, but I still don't owe another $200+ for my lead foot and speedy scenery driving abilities. Speaking of which I was denied diversion for that last ticket. Yeah, I applied for diversion, we talked to an insurance company who said that due to the excessive speed it was a good idea. Well I was denied for nothing other than, you got it - excessive speed. It seems diversion is only good for up to 20mph over the speed limit. I missed it by 5. Good thing I didn't get pulled over this time. I was determined to catch a BMW that passed me as if I were going the other direction. Dude was cruisin'. I hit 110 before noticing the highway patrol parked in the ditch. Needless to say BMW dude got away. But how he did it without a ticket I'll never know.

So have you visited my renter? Don't make me ask you again.

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