Stor{ies} of My Life v. II [ICU & The Car]

For the past month or so my car has been strange. Acting like it's wanting to die at complete stops. This only happened a couple times, and it never did die. I was concerned, because I love my car.

On Monday morning, the 9th, I was scheduled to go in to work at 6 a.m. I've never gone in that early at the place I work now. So I get up at 4:40 and get ready in my sleep, go outside where it's fucking freezing (!) and get into my car. I start my beloved car and after the dash lights flash as normal I see that my 'Service Engine Soon' light has yet to go off. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck! I drive it to work, it gives me no trouble.

I head to the office where I am the first person to arrive for day shift. I talk to the Midnight Girl who has been there since 7 p.m. the night before. Since I have no clue what I'm doing at this point at 6 in the goddamn morning she takes me to the O.R. (Surgery) area where there are halls I didn't even know existed, and shows me around. At 7:30 we return the office and I head to ICU. At 7:45 my floor person (*See "Floor Person") and fellow Posse member, Angel, arrives. At 7:45 Hitler shows up in ICU, points at me and says "Did you do Administration??" I said "no, I knew nothing about it." She then points to Angel and says "you! Administration!"

Now logic would have it that since I knew nothing about it, Angel should show me, yes? Wrong. Hitler wanted me to help her move beds instead of going with Angel to show me what I was supposed to do. Whatever. Angel came back pissed off, understandably, because of the way Hitler talked to her. She decided she was going to go talk to Pis Aller (*See “Pis Aller”) about the way we’ve been treated. Since it was my break time, I went down with her but didn’t go into Pis’s office. Angel reported to me that Hitler was there when she talked to Pis and Hitler apologized. Sweet. We didn’t see Hitler the rest of the day, she resorted to calling instead.

Angel also told me that Hitler bitched to Pis that I “should have known about Administration since I’d worked ICU at least once or twice.”

Here I add that I had worked ICU once and on a day that I was scheduled to work in Baby Land (Birthing & Delivery) and when I came in that morning at eight (8) my schedule had been changed to ICU. I had never before come in at 6, and the one day I did work ICU if it hadn’t been for the floor person I would have had no clue what to do as she walked me thru it step by step. Administration was to be done between 6 and 6:30.

The bottom line being that Hitler knew she was in the wrong for how she talked to Angel, so decided to attack me to the boss instead. I clarified the situation to Pis later that day. She said it was her fault and apologized. Situation rectified.

On Tuesday, the 10th, I took my car to the dealer at lunch, dropped it off and picked it up at 5. I owed $211.30. They replaced my purge solenoid and changed my oil. I handed her my credit card, she handed it back a moment later saying “It’s saying ‘Do Not Honor’”. I told her to run it again. She did, and it said “Do Not Honor.” Fuck! I went out to the car and came back with my debit card. When I handed it to her she looked at it, waited a moment, handed it back and said “It’s not going to let me take this either, it’s expired.” I took back the card and sure enough, it expired the end of March. Fuck, fuck! My checkbook. Sure enough I knew it, I was out of checks. They’d been ordered but hadn’t arrived. Thank god Mom was there, she put the bill on her credit card.

*Floor Person - Sixth and Seventh floor wings each have a Floor Person. When a room has been a checkout, the floor person vacuums and mops/extracts/shampoos the floors since the person working the floor doesn’t usually have time. They also clean the floors in the entire wing and core area.

*Pis Aller - Pis Aller definition. Boss Dude’s nowhere near up to par replacement.

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