Stor{ies} of My Life v. III [Mom's Car & The Funeral]

Yesterday. I went to a funeral at 11 a.m. My Mom's aunt (I think that makes her my aunt too) died last Friday. She had a stroke a few days prior and was taken to the hospital here. She appeared to get better but then slid downhill again and was taken to another hospital in Wichita that specializes in strokes. At some point she had another one. Then another. She died in the Terminal Wing at the Wichita hospital on Friday evening. Her funeral was yesterday and although this was a side of the family we've never gotten along with, we went. It was a graveside service, and only the second funeral I've ever gone to; C’s being the first. It was sad, as all funerals tend to be. We were barely acknowledged as expected.

I got off work at 4 and drove out to Mom’s work to get my dog’s leash and collar from her van and found her drivers side window smashed. There was a big hole in the lower right section, closest to the lock, and the rest was still in place but shattered. Although a few of the men from the office insisted that it “was a freak accident” of a “semi hitting a rock and shooting it through her window” or “the wind blowing it out” or even “hail” from when it rained (rained, not hailed) earlier, Mom and I both believe it to be intentional. She said nothing was stolen from her van. The police officer that showed up asked her if she had any enemies. He said that it likely wasn’t a “rock from a semi” since the van was parked at least 20 feet away from the street. Mom and I are inclined to think it wasn’t personal but yet a random act of vandalism. Intentional, regardless.

She had gotten back to work at around 12:30 and I showed up there a little after 4, so it happened in a time span of about 3 ½ hours. The women in the office reported not hearing or seeing anything. She’s getting it fixed today – her insurance covered nothing.


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Nice pics!