Stor{ies} of My Life [The Weekend of April 7&8]

Oh where to start, where to start?

I have had a shitty last week; each day a story or three in itself. I must warn those of you with short attention spans - this could get lengthy. I wasn’t going to break it up but after seeing the length of this, I am.

Part I: I'm going to start with last weekend. I worked last weekend, both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday: On Saturday I was scheduled to do 2 wings, both 6100 and 6200. Between the two I had a total of 29 patient rooms and two sets of bathrooms, kitchens, lounges, waiting areas, dining areas, team centers and corridors because each wing has each. Also, I had the entire outside of the wings too (the center area). Now the busiest two wings in the hospital are 7100 & 7200. Each has 23 patient rooms and are usually both completely full. Well 6100 had a checkout (where the patient leaves and the room has to be completely cleaned - takes 45 minutes to an hour to do) that left at 8 a.m. (I came to work at 9). When I went into it there was clothing, a purse, and a cell phone and keys in the closet so I didn't touch the room and went to 6200 to get started. This probably doesn't make much sense but I'm doing the best I can. Anyway, 62(00) was busy this day and I had never worked the area before and it took quite awhile to get everything done. At around 3:30, after final break, I went back to 6100 to do the check out I had left in the morning. There was still things in the room. I wrote on the blue sheet (it's the list of checkouts) that "Pt belongings still in rm" and started working on the other daily areas of the wing. At this point I had finished the "core area" (everything outside the wings) and all of 62. While I had been on break, one of my "Posse" (consisting of OldGuyLuvr and Angel - *This is Another Story; See “Posse”) Angel asked me how close to finished I was since she was done. I told her I had the entire wing to do and she offered to come help me. Angel called the "Leads" (*See “Leads”) and told them she’d be in 61(00) helping me.

Not much later here comes the Leads. Hitler stopped me and after looking at the blue sheet said “Why wasn’t this checkout done this morning?” I explained (nicely) to her that there was patient belongings in the room. She went to look, came back and said, “You should have told us this this morning so we could have done something about it.”

Me, still being civilized, replied with “They always leave the patient’s things in the rooms and come back and get them later. I figured this is what would happen here and since I was in 62 all day I hadn’t gotten back here to check.”

Hitler said “You just wrote this (referring to the blue sheet and where I wrote “pt belongings still in rm”) at 3:30!”

By this time I was getting annoyed, but I said flatly “I just told you I hadn’t been back over here.”

Hitler and Hermann looked at each other and Hitler said “Both of these wings should be finished by now.”

Bye-bye nice Vix. I said, “I had 29 patient rooms, Hitler.”

Hitler replied, “This isn’t a difficult schedule, Vixen.”

*Sigh* “Really? You don’t think 29 patient rooms, double core work and the outside corridors is a difficult schedule?”

Hitler: “No, I don’t.”

Vix: “Uh – huh. You can count well enough to note that 29 patient rooms is six more than the maximum in 72(00) or 71(00), right?”

Hitler: “Yes, but they get a lot more checkouts than these two wings get.”

Vix: “They also don’t do the corework, or the floors in the rooms that check out. And for that matter, half the time their rooms are stripped before they even get in there. AND they always get help.”

Hitler: “This isn’t a difficult schedule, Vixen.”

Vix: “Then you get someone else to do it next time!” and I walked off.

Angel heard the whole thing and as I headed to the back of the wing I heard her say, “You know, Hitler, she’s right.” To which Hitler mumbled something that it’s probably good I didn’t hear.

Not long after, OldGuyLuvr came over to do the checkout that had been sitting all day with patient things in it.

Now that was the climax of the day. But as this day progressed it had gotten worse. Hitler was training Hermann in the lead position. Training her to be a nazi like herself. On our breaks, here came Hermann checking to make sure we were back on time. Oh but only my Posse. Not any of the other slackers (yes, we can be slackers) on the shift. Strange huh? Not really, Hitler was teaching her that the three of us are the “bad ones”.

Sunday: On Sunday I had the 72(00) wing. When you work this wing on Sunday you also have Dialysis to clean. Now you’ll note above that Hitler said that 72 is a busier wing than the two I had on Saturday combined. First thing in the morning before I even headed upstairs I told Hitler and Hermann that I needed the Dialysis key (Can get into the Dialysis Wing without the key – cannot get into the actual Dialysis room or the breakroom without). I had no intention of even coming back downstairs that day because I wasn’t going to deal with their shit, especially on break. She told me “not right now, we’re busy, I’ll get it to you later.” I said “fine” and walked off. The day was primarily uneventful. After taking our first break (late) in the normal area and having Hermann come in and bitch about us being down there late (*See “Late”), we began taking our breaks in Dialysis where the doors are shut and we can hear someone enter before they see us. We were left alone. Wouldn’t you know – the bitch brought me the key at 3:50. We’re off work at 5:30. Dialysis takes me around 2 hours to clean. Angel came to help me (she was working in 71) and when I left to go to my closet to get a broom I ran into Hermann on my way back. She said “there’s a checkout in 71 that I need you to go do.” I looked at her blankly, intentionally. She said “aren’t you in 71?” I shook my head no. “Well who is?” I shrugged. Yeah, I could be considered instigating, but this woman is a Lead, she should have a clue, yes? “Is it Angel?” I shrugged again. “What’s her number? Do you know her number?” I shook my head no. “Have you seen her?” I said “not in awhile” and turned and walked off, back into Dialysis.. Where I had left Angel, hahaha. I couldn’t find Angel. I went into the bathroom and texted her that Hermann was looking for her. When I came out, Hermann was wandering around Dialysis (which is an entire wing area), she stopped and said “There’s nobody over here helping you?”


Hermann: “When was the last time you saw her (Angel)?”

Vix: “Earlier, I don’t know where she is now.”

Hermann left to go hunt for her. Angel texted me back that she was in the bathrooms in the far back. I went back, found her, and told her that Hermann said there was a checkout in 71. She said “Bitch could have called me!” hahaha. She left to go do the checkout and told me later that when Hermann and Hitler (Hermann recruited Hitler’s help in hunting for the lost employee) found her, they made a joke about it; “she thought she lost you!” *eyeball roll* Asskisses.

I wouldn’t have gotten dialysis done except another worker came up to help (not one having yet been mentioned) and Angel came back after finishing her checkout. Then, Hermann and/or Hitler sent another couple of workers up to do the bathrooms in Dialysis (that were already done).

And this concludes my weekend at the Concentration Camp.

*Posse – Angel, OldGuyLuvr, and myself. We’re the “troublemakers” and were dubbed “The Posse” by the Ex-Boss. Not to be confused with the Homies. (If that link doesn’t work, just visit “The Work Carnies” to your left under “Cast of Characters”. I can’t seem to get it to work.)

*Leads - Hitler and Hermann Göring. Hermann is our newest Lead and was being trained at this time by Hitler. We found out later that Hitler and Hermann are friends previous to the job; which is why Hermann was hired.

*Late – I helped Angel finish a checkout that she wouldn’t have done in time for break at 1:30 and we got it done at 1:35. She called Hermann when it was finished and wrote the time on the blue sheet. On the way down to break we passed Hermann. It was about 1:45 by this time as Angel put her cart in the closet first. At 1:50 Hermann came to the break room to check on us and tell us we were over our allotted break and to get upstairs. Angel snapped at her that we had come down at a quarter till. When Hermann started to respond Angel said that not only did she call Hermann before we came to break (we’re supposed to call the Lead when we go to break late) but we passed her in the hall. Hermann said, “I don’t pay attention to the time when I see someone in the hall.” I thought Angel was going to scalp her. “A good lead would be able to pay attention to something so trivial as the time.”

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