Or maybe more appropriately "Run Down" as that's what I'd like to do to a few coworkers. Ah.

Anyway, Hitler. We've had a few more run-ins again as of late. I think I drew blood this time, figuratively speaking; while she almost drew blood, literally. We were arguing as usual, in public as usual, when she began her condescending bullshit that as I just found out, is reserved for me. Note:

Me: Are you always this condescending, or am I just the lucky one?
Hitler: You just always seem to bring it out in me.
Me: Maybe you should just stay away from me then.

Well strange it was, but this upset her a bit. I moved to open my cart when she reached across me and slammed the door shut. Hard. And barely missing my fingers. No sooner had I pulled my hand back when she reached for my arm right above my wrist. She came to her senses about two inches from touching me fortunately for her, unfortunately for me. I would have had such great fun with that.

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