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Most sexually inhibited species

Man, proud of his imagined superiority over the rest of the animal kingdom, can hardly be rated a winner in the sexual stakes. His sexual organs are neither the largest nor the most impressive performers; his copulatory capacities are outstripped by many animal species; and he is hardly the most prolific reproductively. In addition man is much more likely to get sexual hang-ups than any other animal. If a snake fancies a bit of necrophilia, a marten a bit of rape, or a porpoise a bit of group sex, then such individuals are unlikely to experience inhibiting feelings of guilt at the thought. Man, however, is beset by anxiety, fear, guilt and moral loathing with regard to many fancied sexual activities: few individuals indeed have come to terms with their sexuality. With all his psychosexual problems man is without doubt the most sexually inhibited among animal species.

From The Illustrated Book of Sexual Records. © 1974, 1982, 1997-2001 G.L. Simons

And we wonder why, upon reading that, just why oh why the Human Male is the most inhibited. Hmmm.

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Daisy said...

A most interesting book you have there! Ha! It would be suiting to have a copy t add up quotes to my sensual blog. Hmm...