All You Beautiful People - Yes YOU

Vote for me. Vote vote vote vote for me!

Geez-us. I have lost so many goddamn Battle of the Blog matches that I'm getting a complex. A bad one folks. I may never recover.

Show me some love already!



Miladysa said...

I'm in the same club :)

Rosemarie said...

Cripes! I am, every time. I'm so tired of the blogs with the drinkin' and the barfin' that I click the blue VOTE tag for ya all the time. Whaddya want, a miracle? LOL Please do click to Blog Rocket me when I'm there, tho'.

Keep up the good work!

Vixen said...

Yes, a miracle would be nice, thanks. Could I get thinner hips and a smaller ass while we're at it? That would be great!

Thank you for voting for me you two, it's great to know all of my begging.. um.. hard work hasn't been in vain.

Rosemarie - I clicked your profile and it's not showing your profile. What blog is yours? Link me!

Rosemarie said...

Heya, Vixen!

Let's see: Alli and Phen-Pro for getting smaller, ok? They're not a miracle, but close.

My blogs are Living with Severe Arthritis and Testimonials by Rosie. Not Blogger but Blogcharm blogs. I will Blogroll you on both of mine. :-)

Here ya go...voting for you again!

Rosie S.