..And Thursday's Child has far to go

Now some of you may know that tomorrow, November, 17th, is my birthday. No, don't remind me (but feel free to send shiny things. Here, let me get you my mailing address...) I'm only even mentioning this because of the significance in my blog.

Check it out:

Talkstar Interactive Astrology & Birthday Facts
Your Star sign is Scorpio
Element: Water

Polarity: Negative

Quality: Fixed

Your Birthday Facts:

Your star sign is Scorpio and your star symbol is the scorpion

You were born on Thursday 17th November 1977 and Thursday's child has far to go

Your age is 29 years 11 months 30 days

Your birthstone is topaz which symbolizes fidelity

Personality Characteristics: Loyal, intuitive, likes routine, magnetic, passionate, determined, contradictory, doesn't easily forgive and forget.

Element Influences: Water people can be inward looking, processing their emotions. They often need other people to bring out their inner feelings.

Quality Influences: People with fixed qualities tend to be resistant to change, wanting a stable life. They can be the most loyal of the Zodiac qualities.

Polarity Influences: Your negative Yin/Yang exerts a receptive, acquiescent and self-conscious side to your nature.

Female best matched with: Sagittarius, Libra.

Male best matched with: Aquarius, Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces.

There’s that, etc. etc. etc. My point is this, I hate Thursdays. Thursdays hate me. Everything bad that’s ever happened to me happened on a Thursday. Hence the name of my blog; A MONTH of Thursdays. See this link. It has gotten so bad indeed, that I have almost begun to refuse to leave my house, nay, my bed on Thursdays. I hate hate hate Thursday. I just now realized, via the astrological thingy above, that I was BORN on a Thursday. Born on the very fucking day that I dread every week. Born on the day that is determined to kick my ass every week. Now if that doesn’t give me a psychosis, what will?

I just left a message on my Mom’s voicemail that went something like this: *incoherence* Mom? Mom! *sniffle* Mom! How could you not tell me??*sobbing* I was born on a Thursday! *more incoherence* Did you not think this was significant?! *screaming* You’re my Mother!!

She’ll undoubtedly call back and say “Huh? You were born on Thursday? I must’ve forgot!”

Wanna bet me?


Anonymous said...

well, Thursdays Child, i hope you ended up having a great birthday!

niteowl said...

Happy belated birthday, Vix. :)