Gang Activity

I would like to formally make mention of the 10 voters that found me worthy, whomever the rest of you may be. I beat out My Underground Secret Society 10 to 5 and I wish to thank all of you who have made this dream a reality. My win/loss ratio has skyrocketed to a grand 55/84! Baby steps, baby steps.

Based on the two comments received on my last post I have come to a resolution. We form a gang. Right, you read me. We form a gang. And this gang votes for itself. That's right. From now on I will only vote for the two commenters on my last post (unless of course, they're not involved in the competition, duh).

If you'd like to join this gang, please, let me know and I will keep a running list of us. Fair? Who cares about fair?! This is politics! There's safety in numbers, folks!

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Rosemarie said...

ROFL! Good for you making it easy on yourself. Since I don't enter Battle of the Blogs anymore (my ratings stay stuck at 3342 and 3352) then Miladysa is the only one so far to vote for. Smart! :-)

Very Happiest of 30ths, Vixen! It is a good age/year. I had my first kid (of 3) at age 30. Not that I wish THAT on you!

You go..keep on keepin' on! (applause)