I Wanna Tell You a Story

I don’t know if any of you buy this type of thing or not, but a discussion I had a bit ago with JDV made me think of it. Since I’m at a loss for wonderful posting material at the moment, this is gonna have to do.

Let me begin by saying that while I have wished harm would come to a few people (who hasn’t?), I have never seriously hoped anyone would be hurt. Especially anything like this first story.

I dated a guy about 7 years ago, some of you have heard me talk about him before and know to whom I’m referring when I say “Rydar”. Anyway, he was working at a convenience store at the time with a girl, Sherry, who I didn’t like from when I had met her previously -

I met her when I was dating Ex previous to this one. I left the two of them alone, with others, long enough to drive 5 blocks away, and when I returned she was draped all over him like an underage, skanky second skin -

And I won’t lie and say that I found anything at all about her favorable. I told Rydar that I “wished she’d just quit” because I was uncomfortable with her working with him after my prior experience with her.

Not much later, a week or so maybe, we got news that she had been in a car accident. Rolled her truck twice, and broke her neck. They said she was paralyzed from the neck down. She was 18 at the time.

I didn’t follow her story after that, I have no idea her status now.

Another time, a year or so later, I was working at a place with mentally handicapped people. We had a house meeting, and two of my bosses (my boss and her boss) were both there. I don’t recall the entire conversation but Big Boss made my boss cry. She was really mean to her. I told her what I really thought, and although I don’t remember those details either, knowing me, what I thought wasn’t very nice. Less than a week later, I was told that Big Boss had fallen down the stairs and had broken both her legs.

Need more?

Three years ago I was working in a payday loan company, as the sole employee. A couple came in, was upset about my letting their hot check go to collection when they were late paying, and the woman got very verbal with me. We exchanged a few words, I politely asked them to leave, and when that didn’t work, I insisted they leave.

Four days later I was driving home from work and was stopped by a car accident in the street ahead of me. I didn’t recognize the car, but I recognized the passengers to be the couple I had had words with. Both were being checked by EMT, and both were standing, no serious harm.

Since, little things have happened when I get mad at someone. Not always, and not serious. Minor illnesses, car malfunctions, job loss, etc.

I don’t have a particular explanation for it all, and I’d be interested in hearing if anyone else does. I don’t, though, believe in coincidence.

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Alien Insomniac said...

Interesting. I don't know that I have experienced that, at least not enough to see a pattern.