Lacking Topics Part II

What I want to know is this: What could possibly make some bottom feeding hospital housekeeping supervisors think, for even a split second, that they have the right to try to control my actions after firing me? Yes, that was a question. I'd really like to know.

So day before yesterday (Nov. 9th) I go to the hospital to, yet again, inquire about my termination appeal. As I mentioned previously, I'm supposedly going to hear something by Tuesday. But after I spoke to The Imbecile, I headed upstairs to the 4th floor where Angel was working. It was around 3:50 and she was set to get off work at four. On my way into the wing she works I ran into Cluck, I'm civilized. A few minutes later, back she comes telling me that
"I have to tell you to leave."
Vix: "Why?"
Cluck: "It came from someone higher up."
Vix: "Why?"
Cluck: "You're an ex-employee, you can't be here."
Vix: "Why?"
Cluck: "It came from someone else. You can't be here unless you're visiting family or are a patient."
Vix: "I have stitches that have to be removed here." I pulled up my pant leg, dramatically, "and I'm not removing them myself. You tell Pis to come tell me herself."
Cluck: "Ok, I'll let her know." and turns to leave.
Vix: "Oh, and Cluck? How did Pis know I was here anyway?"
Cluck: "We have to tell her if you come up here."
Vix: "You have guards posted at the doors now to watch for me?"
She shrugged and told me "Pis will come up herself." said like Pis is not afraid of you! Yeah well Cluck, you are.

A few minutes later, I head downstairs with Angel and I go to the locker room (which I still haven't cleaned out) while she went to the office. A few minutes later Angel comes in and tells me that "Pis is on the 4th floor." Undoubtedly looking for me. We found it funny.

So come Monday, I'm going in, mid-day, making it obvious I'm there, then waiting till they say something before heading to ER to get the stitches out. If I have someone in the hospital like I'm going to tell them that anyway, it's none of their fucking business. I'm a paying customer!

They really think they can intimidate me. All kidding aside, how stupid do these people have to be to actually believe they can tell me I have to leave a hospital? And not only that, but how could they possibly think I owe them an explanation for being there?

At this point, I'm just enjoying my ability to upset them. It takes years of practice to be such an antagonist.

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