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I admit it. My life is boring. That's not entirely true though, but I'm keeping a lot of the drama private for now.

I no longer work at the hospital, which is both a blessing and a curse. A curse because well, I need the money, but a blessing in every other area, including the drastic drop in stress content. I have appealed the termination, which occurred for no reason other than a personal dislike of me from the Director that took over for Jm when he left. I know it's hard to imagine someone, anyone, not totally liking me, but it is true and not as rare as you may think.

I'll explain a bit. Please see my Work Circus link. Ok, now for the short version of a long, thus far continuing story. I had a blow up with "Hermann Goring" in an ICU checkout room on the 17th of October. Nasty run in, I tell ya. Resulted in my leaving after being on the receiving end of some pretty explicit language. No way was I innocent, mind you, for those of you who think I could be; but I self-defended. I headed to the office to sign out, where I ran into the secretary (not at that link, we'll call her "High and Mighty" shortened to "H&M", because "I-Think-I'm-Too-Smart-To-Work-Here" is really too long to type out repeatedly.) Anyway, H&M tells me I should go to Human Resources to "make sure it's known that I didn't quit, because Hermann could tell them you did." And since Pis Aller wasn't there this day, I thought this may not be such a bad idea. So I go. The usual woman was out that day and I spoke to another (who I won't bother to name because I likely won't mention her again and frankly, she's a cunt) who told me her best suggestion was to go ahead and go and speak to Pis in the a.m. I agreed, and went home.

Actually, I went shopping, but for the sake of appearing concerned about the issue at hand, we'll pretend I went home.

The next day I go in, eager to speak to Pis because well, for once, this shit wasn't my fault. She's unable to see me at the moment, whatever, so I go to work. A bit later, right before noon I believe, she calls to tell me she can talk to me. I head down to her office. We speak briefly, and eventually I'm told that Hermann also went to Human Resources that day. Pis says that because we both went to HR, she felt that she "may not be able to save" either of our jobs. Uh... Huh. Anyone can see through that. She's pissed because we went over her head. I ask her pointedly, "Pis, so when HR comes to you and says 'what would you like to happen?' what are you going to tell them?" and she says to me "I'll tell them that your attendance is perfect and you do your job but that your attitude sucks and I don't want you here."

She then goes on to tell me that I'm selling myself short being a housekeeper and after all my time in college she thinks I am drastically limiting myself and I should broaden my horizons, and some other idiotic after school special bullshit that I know fully well already without her unrequested and unappreciated input.

HR was unable to talk to me until the following Tuesday for some reason that I can't recall right now so I tell her that I am taking PTO for the rest of the day, and as Friday was my day off, I'd also be taking PTO for the weekend because I wouldn't be working with Hermann all weekend just to find out I'd be fired Monday. I then tell Pis I wanted to be there when she did talk to HR.

The next day, Pis calls me asking me to come in. I ask her directly if she's firing me. She says yes, that her and the HR chick (whom we'll name simply "The Imbecile") have "both agreed to terminate" my employment, but that she still wants me to come in. I tell her I no longer work for her. Later that day, around 3:45 I speak to the HR receptionist because I find it puzzling that any agreement could have been made since I was told that The Imbecile wasn't going to be in the office that day to speak to anyone. Funny, but The Imbecile didn't speak to Pis that day either. Oh well. I head to Pis' office because by this point it just sounds like fun. She tells me I'm fired, etc. etc. I tell her I'm not signing the paper because I don't work for her and as she apologizes and begins to cry about it, I tell her to save her tears for somebody who will buy her bullshit. I also mention how I was fired for "using profanity" but she stands up in department meetings and tells us all that she's "sick of the bullshit" and our "sloppy ass work". She also uses expletives (bullshit and shit being her favorites) every time I've ever been in her office, not always directed at me, even. She denies this, I tell her to ask anyone, she says she'll do that, I nicely suggest that she ensures she does that, and I leave. Peacefully.

I can't remember at the moment which day I went in to see HR myself, but I think it was Tuesday. I took in notes. Upon entering The Imbecile's office, I say "I heard that you and Pis agreed to fire me but I'm confused as to how you agreed to it when you've yet to hear my side of the story." She begins to speak but I cut her off to say "would you like to hear the truth now?" and I sit down, pleasantly.

The Imbecile suggests bringing Pis in for this meeting but I say no, because "I wasn't invited when you two discussed me, she's not invited now."

We talk briefly, and it appears she's not on my side, what a shock, huh? After a bit, and covering everything I had on my list, I say "let's go ahead and invite Pis in, shall we?"

The Imbecile calls her, she agrees to come. Five or so minutes later, we're all in the HR office and I bring up Pis' language in department meetings. She says she has already spoken to "King-Shit" (her boss) and as far as she's concerned, things are worked out fine between them. This tells me that either A) she tried to head off my getting everyone on her stupid ass for her language, or B) somehow it got back to King-Shit. I'm betting on the latter, although I honestly didn't say a word to him. Needless to say, she got in a bit of trouble, obviously.

During the next hour, I bring up how I had gone to her repeatedly telling her that I felt I was being targeted by Hermann and her inability to rectify the situation. I also brought up the one and only write up I had ever received in my two years at the hospital. I asked her the date of the write up, she said "October 3rd", I asked her when she turned it in, she said "October 17th". I told The Imbecile how Pis had agreed to hold the write up because I had a transfer request in progress and if I got the job, she would throw it away. In this meeting, Pis denied having said that. I asked why she held the write up from the 3rd until the 17th, an entire two weeks, to turn it in on the day that I had a blow up with Hermann. She had no answer.

Anyway, I'll spare further details, but I'm telling you, it was my best performance to date.

I filed a formal appeal by that Friday and was assured a quick response. As of the following Tuesday I was told I'd have an answer by Friday. Nothing. Monday I returned and spoke to the receptionist who told me that "she's (The Imbecile) working on it". Still nothing. I return yesterday and am told that I will definitely hear something by Tuesday, as it will be done by Monday and they prefer to inform people via mail. The Imbecile listed off several names that she says she has talked to that I requested she contact. She hasn't spoken to two of the ones she listed I know for sure, as I asked them personally. I'm assuming she hasn't spoken to the others either. How inept she appears to be. Not even contacting my "witnesses" before denying my appeal, certainly doesn't look good.

Now, I have no such ideas that I'll win the appeal, and I really don't care. But this is a clear cut case of discrimination and while I know how difficult it is to prove, by god I'm going to fight it. Stupid fuckers.

On another note though, how awesome would it be if my job was reinstated? They'd have to issue me back pay for these weeks I've been off and I'd be practically untouchable, because any attempts to get rid of me again would be seen as revenge attempts. How fun.

And this concludes that story. I have more since this, but that'll be saved for my next post.

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