One Time,

I had a friend (Bitch) who was driving on a suspended license arrested. She wasn't really a friend, but she had been at one point. I saw her driving down the street one afternoon, after we had gotten into a huge fight, and I called 911 on my friend's cell phone. When they answered I said "hi, I'm driving on Broadway right now behind a green minivan. They're swerving all over the road. Almost hit me a couple blocks back!"

The 911 woman asked for a tag number, which I happily provided. My friend and I stayed behind the green minivan a bit longer, but not much, until it got pulled over by the cops. A few hours later, the van was still parked, and our "friend" was nowhere to be seen. It was no secret that Bitch was driving on a suspended. She got out of jail 3 days later.

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