So Sara says Goodbye

on CSI and I am not amused. Twenty-three minutes till it comes on and an hour and 23 minutes approximate before I smash my TV to unidentifiable bits. While bawling. Hysterically.

Seriously, there's not a character on here that the show can really do without. Well, except the new chick, Ronnie, and the blond twit Sofia, who I don't dislike, but let's face it, neither of these are one of them.

Thursdays are shitty days for me. Like all of them. I have nothing significantly good that has ever happened to me on this day. And every Thursday, no matter how shitty, I have looked forward to CSI in the evening. I don't even like TV! But cheesy as it sounds, I need these people. Which is why I'm deeply emo about this newest turn of events.

Oh perhaps it won't be so bad in 14 minutes when it comes on. Right? The previews look pretty rough.

We'll see.

Never fear, I shall post through my tears to offer my 2¢ on tonight's episode. But mind you, they didn't consult with me first.

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