We Interrupt Your Regular Scheduled Programming

For a quick rant.

Upon receiving my terminal appeal results: Termination Upheld, I read the bottom of the page where "It has been expressed that you have been most vocal about your dislike for your job and working for Dismember Hospital." And I ask myself, what was it that gave me away, my barely contained shudder of revulsion upon entering an office to become surrounded by fat, ugly, stupid, uneducated, hateful, backstabbing, catty, disgusting, gossiping, wretched, beastly vermin bitches? Then yes, it was obvious that I didn't like my job. Fuckers. I'm not joking either. These women are the most revolting, hateful, jealous people I have ever met in my life. They gossip just to gossip, with little to no regard for feelings or truth. 95% of these women are obese, in 92 of the 95%, that obesity is morbid.

So seriously, was I "most vocal" about my dislike for my job? Yes, and no. I stated in no uncertain terms that it was a stepping stone for me since day one that I started. They understood that when they hired me (it's housekeeping! Who plans on staying??) Did I hate coming to work? Yes. But I did go to work. Every scheduled day, on time. Did I on a regular basis scream various versions of "I hate my job!" peppered with obscenities? Only that once No. No, I didn't like my job, I hated it to be precise, but I didn't hate working for the hospital, I hated what I was doing. And if everyone who ever said "I hate my job" was fired, nobody would be working. And certainly not the filthy dregs of society that is the housekeeping department at Dismember Hospital.

My stepping stone may have sunk, but at least the shithole didn't become my final destination.


Alien Insomniac said...

Looks like you've been forced to exercise that stepping stone prematurely.

Tell you what. We'll borrow some clear-coating equipment from the body shop and put a few layers of teflon on their handbasket. So when the time comes they'll slip through Purgatory like a Republican avoiding jail and glide quickly on to Perdition.

Vixen said...

My idea contained sledgehammers and hacksaws. We should probably go with yours.