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It has been a long time since I've visited a yahoo chat room. While sitting here trying to think of something, anything, to post about I decided to chat. It always used to be good for a few laughs, right? Oh how times change.

You are in "Fetishes:206"

Apparently now, you have to click a link which takes you to a Captcha page where you're told:

We know you hate spam and automated bots in chat rooms as much as we do. To help prevent them, please verify your account by typing the characters shown in the illustration into the text box below. Then click the Submit button. Upon verification, you'll be allowed to join the room and start chatting.

We appreciate your help in making the Yahoo! chat rooms a safer place to hang out.

Ok, um.. First, when I used to frequent chat rooms, Fetishes only had 4 rooms. Six if things got really busy. These rooms were generally filled with actual people instead of nothing but spambots. Now, there are like five hundred rooms and not a single live person in any of them. I don't actually know this of course, because I certainly am not going to go clicking and verifying hundreds of links to get into hundreds of rooms to prove my theory that no living person even goes to these places anymore. Yahoo put Captcha into play to prevent spam bots and succeeded in eliminating everyone but.

Wait! Oh wait, wait wait! I'm in! Messenger Chat Admin: Congratulations! Your account is verified and you now have access to chat rooms. I am elated.

Immediately, I get two unrequested private messages (PMs) and a webcam invite from a Mr. Porncastic.

I so did not want to see that.

A cam invite from a Mr. Slightly_Twisted1. With a PM immediately following to ask me if the "view is ok?"


I've been asked if I "like kinky men?", "anal 4 u?", and "asl??" within approximately the next 4 minutes. I'm flattered. Such attention I'm receiving, from such obviously worthy men.

My favorite by far:

schultz_nick: looking for a woman who loves to tease a guy and would enjoy controlling a guy's cock and orgasms for a while, possibly long term, make me cum or leave me with blueballs, it's up to you. Sound Like Fun?

Now ladies, don't everyone jump him at once.

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Jim said...

nice lobser pic!