I'm Disturbed

by this: Married but Playing & the Men Who Want Them.

That front link you're seeing is as far as I've gotten because I'm not about to register. And don't you do it either if you want to keep my respect.

Married But Playing is for men looking to hook up with married singles who are neglected by their man and Lonly (sic) women who want a REAL man to fill the void. This site is 100% free and allows you full access to email other users and add them to your naughty blackbook.

This is the true Married But Playing site with a huge database to provide you with that perfect match. We highly recommend being discreet and enjoy your membership.

I have a few questions, you know, before I pass judgment.

First, what's a "Married Single"?

Secondly, if you're married, why are you still looking for that "perfect match"?

Third, do people really think that a "REAL Man" can be found on these sites?

And finally, ok, this isn't a question, but "we highly recommend being discreet".

I'll answer this simply.

1) a "Married Single" is a slut/man-ho/loser/desperate/raving psychotic/etc.

2) because not only are you a slut/man-ho/loser/desperate/raving psychotic/etc., but you're also a fucking moron. "Perfect" doesn't exist. Besides, if your spouse isn't near perfect, you shouldn't have married them.

3) A "REAL Man" wouldn't cheat on his wife OR search for a married woman. But hey, how loosely the term "real" can be used, as in, you know, synonym for nasty.

Um.. This is appalling. This is how wives get abused, men get poisoned, and insignificant others get shot. Seriously.

My original judgment was going to be that these people are swine, but I like swine, and I don't like these people. That's not a long shot, because I don't really like much of anyone. I am very open-minded though and you can be pretty certain that if I'm offended by something, it's gotta be really vile. My final judgment is going to have to be "Yuck". Yeah, that's it. Revere my wordiness.

As if we need another breeding ground for crotch-critters.

I do notice though that it's 100% Free!; as it should be. Nobody in their right mind would pay a damn thing for this shit. This is good, since all their money will likely be going for treatment.

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