Ok, I have to ask

What the hell? I lost a Battle of the Blogs match to this blog. Not only did I lose, but I lost 11 to 4? Now, I'm not trying to start shit here but people, this blog has no template, no profile on either BE or Blogger, and no personality.

Ok, so maybe I'm trying to start a little shit.

Maybe I am a little hostile. But what's the deal? Does my charm mean nothing? Is my abrasive personality futile? What's up folks? Was it my profanity or maybe the fact that I don't broadcast my debt? Oh, I'm in debt too, people, I am so in debt! Did that that get me a vote or two? How about the four more I would have needed to win this round??


The masses are so flaky. Flaky, I say!


Angie said...

Happens all the time. The voters only vote to get the credits. So, they just choose one and click. Plus, there are lots of people over there who will vote against you..well..just because.

I've been on BE for EVER and it never changes.

Don't sweat it. :)

Miladysa said...

We win some - We lose an awful lot more! :)

If I win - it's a bonus - but looking at my record - not very likely. lol

Rosemarie said...

A little reminder: what sort of airheaded bimbette did you lose Prom Queen to? Same kind of thing. Just sayin'! %-)

Raymond said...

The judges got taken over by Stepford pod creatures.

There is no such thing as profanity. These are the words we use to express anger, disgust, contempt so that we don't go round blowing up things.

evelgal said...

LOL! That's aweful cos your page is way better ( but i'm sure you know that already!) I feel the same way ALL the time especially now that i'm battling againts some guy who's obsessed with politics and has all da contents on his page making fun of people (which i find really BOOORING, just bias) but i'm sure he's gonna win. gees.. well here's my vote for ya cos i love yr blog!


Daisy said...

Simply put: some people simply do not have taste!

For one, my blog is still pending approval! for months!

Oh well...