The Steve Wilkos Show

Ok, first of all, back when I used to watch Jerry Springer religiously, I firmly believed that Steve was hot. Well, from the neck down anyway. Who didn't? When I flipped on the TV during my power-free stay at the Great Grandma's empty house and saw The Steve Wilkos Show I was elated. Not as elated as I would have been 8 or so years ago when I thought he was a god, but still, a bit more elated than the normal common-day elated.

I can't remember the first episode I saw, that's how nondescript and disappointing it was, but I can remember clearly the last. In it, Steve was "exploding with anger" -

And what’s with the tagline anyway? The sexy female voice asking do “you have a story that will make Steve explode with anger?” Absolutely hilarious -

at a racist stepfather who wouldn’t let his 21 year old stepdaughter, who had an 11 day old mixed race baby, with a black father, stay in his house. Have you seen this one? Does anyone else, besides me, have a life boring enough to watch this shit?

Anyway, Steve’s all pissed off because Step-Dad won’t let Daughter come home with her baby because the baby’s half black. Ok, scratch that. The girl is twentyfuckingone. Step-Dad says she knew since she was 11 (presumably when he married her Mother) that no person of any race other than Caucasian would be allowed into his home. What does the little 21 year old bitch do? She goes out, gets pregnant by a black man, then comes crying to Step-Dad about not having any place to go with this baby. Does the crowd feel sorry for her? Of course. Does Steve? Absolutely. Do I? Hell no! I don’t give a shit if the kid is black, white, an alien shade of neon green, because this isn't even the fucking point! She’s 21! She knew the repercussions of her actions.

She certainly had every right to have a Baby Daddy by whomever she wanted but she didn’t have the right to expect someone other than herself and Baby Daddy to support it, and that includes her parents.

Besides, she was an ugly skinny little blond bitch. I hate skinny people.

So anyway, Steve's all pissed off, his trademark, and in Step-Dad's face yelling, as usual, about "what's wrong???" with him. And how could he not let his daughter "come home with an 11 day old baby?" and I'm asking myself, "who cares?" See, the logical questions that beg asking are neglected in this episode, and I suspect every one prior and subsequent. Where's the Baby Daddy? Why doesn't Daughter have a job? Why is Daughter living in an abandoned hotel? (This made me explode.. with laughter.) And why, this is the best, why does this stupid little bitch think she should be allowed to come back to her Step-Dad's home when she's the one who broke his rules and is apparently unapologetic about doing so, and unwilling to follow them? Because she's clearly a little white trash ho. Clearly.

So a bit later in the show, out comes Daddy. Daddy has a job, but doesn't make enough to support his child and/or his Baby Momma. I can't recall how old he was, but he was certainly old enough and able enough to get another job, or three. Or ten! Your baby and her (I think the baby's a girl) mother are homeless! Homeless! Take some initiative you lazy, underworked bastard. Got some? Take some more. Why isn't the crowd bashing this guy?

Why doesn't Daughter have a job? Granted she just had a baby 11 days ago - what's she doing out of the hospital if she had no place to go? Most hospitals won't release a homeless baby. But that aside, most employment has maternity leave. And if they don't, you call someone who cares about things like that and whine like the white trash scrawny ho you are to them and they'll take good care of you. Or bad care of you, or even no care of you, because I don't know nor care how shit like that works. Really. Anyway, the moral of that story is "Don't Breed 'Em if You Can't Feed 'Em". You like that one huh? Me too. I don't even remember where I heard it, but it's pure genius.

So the entire episode, Steve's yelling at Dad, and bashing Mom (Dad's wife) who hasn't even been on stage yet, while the little bony white trash ho sits in silence and lets this war go on in her defense. This whole thing just pisses me off.

Allow me to reiterate one more time. She's TWENTYfuckingONE! Ok.

So Mom comes out, crying, and says that she's tried to help her daughter by bringing her food, clothing, etcetera and so on and she's immediately attacked for being able to lock her doors at night, safe in her bed, while her daughter's on the street with an 11 day old baby. Mom says that Step-Dad won't "let" her do anything for Daughter, and he wouldn't "let" her visit her daughter in the hospital when she had her illegitimate child. Mom's a grown woman, Mom decided to let Step-Dad tell her what to do, Mom, although crying and obviously upset, is a cowed woman who clearly no longer wants to go against Step-Dad and wreck her own marriage. And who can blame her? I can't. Well except for the "cowed" part, because I'd say kick his ass! Telling me what to do! As if.

But why should Mom ruin her own marriage (which from what I can tell didn't appear abusive or anything of the sort, she just came across as a chicken-ass) for that of her 21 year old, obviously immature and irresponsible daughter? She shouldn't.

What we obviously have here is a plight that is all too common in our society today. And before you assume I'm talking about family dysfunction, I'm not. I'm talking about immature and stupid people. And honestly, I'm not even caring about the commonness of the situation. I find that part funny, as I always find other people's idiocy. I think practically the entire problem lies with Baby Daddy. Almost the whole episode was spent bashing Step-Dad and Mom and when Baby Daddy comes out on stage he gets a round of applause when he states that he is working. Yay. Why is she living in an abandoned hotel? Why is his baby?? And who really gives a shit if Step-Dad is racist? So what? Let him be. It's really nobody's business so long as he's not burning things and swinging people from trees.

Frankly, I'm personally a speciesist. I'm not entirely sure that's the word I'm looking for, but you certainly get the point when I follow it with, "I hate cats". And no, I don't care if they are white.

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