I Got Called "Disturbed" a Couple Days Ago

No, this isn't related to my post on the 27th. I went out with Mom and a friend and somehow they started talking about movies. I've probably mentioned it before, but Ghost Ship to me, is like valium. I don't know why, but no matter what's going on, or if I can't sleep, etc., I watch Ghost Ship. It shuts my brain off. Might try it sometime, folks. I have some pretty unceasing brain activity, and if it works for me..

Anyway, we were talking about movies and Mom popped off with "Vixen only watches horror movies." Her friend doesn't say anything because she likes me, and I believe it was said as mere conversation, but my Mother doesn't approve of my taste in entertainment. She called me "disturbed".

I think about this on one of my sleepless nights, which I have frequently, and I begin to wonder if she's right. I rent a ton of movies a month (I have that MVP thing at Hollywood for $32/mo.) and I have seen everything on the hot shelves that either contain Bruce Willis, Halle Berry, Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Downey Jr.; or is a horror movie. I bypass most things by Drew Barrymore, although I absolutely adore her, because her movies just don't look entertaining to me. I don't like comedies, or romance movies. I mean I'll rent them, but when it goes to watch them, I frequently take them back without.

I've seen some good ones, such as Waiting, Just Friends (maybe a pattern here?), Empire Records, and Employee of the Month. You know what, I'll just give you a list of good movies, because I am that bored, and I do have that much time, and you know how important to you my opinion is. I'll do that for you. Really.

But first, I finish this post. I guess my question is, Do you think I'm disturbed? Is there something wrong with someone who watches only movies with murders and blood and gore? How about someone that finds these types of movies to be sedating?

Nevermind, don't answer that.

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