I got it! I got it!

Saw IV that is. I went to my video place last night after class and I figured it'd be all rented out. It came out here on the 22nd, and I knew everyone would be like me, dying to watch it. God bless my video place, they had an entire wall of Saw IVs; I had a whole 1 copy to choose from. I grabbed it before the jock tard behind me with his bimbo girlfriend could get a chance. Although, I would have fought them for it if need be, for sure. All teeth and claws. I could do some damage for Tobin Bell. Believe that.

I haven't watched it yet and I'm not going to until the perfect time. I'm not sure when that will be yet, but it'll have to be after dark because there's a window that throws a glare on my TV. I'll also have to be alone, because I'm going to turn it up as loud as possible without having the neighbors call the cops from all the screaming that I'm sure will be involved. But I got it, and I'm so excited!

I love Jigsaw (Tobin Bell), in a very unhealthy way, even. He is my absolute favorite Movie Villain, there is nobody better. Not Jason, Kruger, Myers, nobody. I watch everything I find now that has Tobin Bell in it, which by the way, Boogeyman 2 also has Tobin Bell, and was much, much better than the first Boogeyman. MUCH better. The first one isn't needed to understand the second, so don't even bother with it if you haven't already; just watch the second one. Trust me.

But back to Movie Villain #1. Nobody else could have carried the Saw series (Saw II, Saw III) nearly as far as he has. And it's still going! Usually, the second isn't nearly as good as the first, but we're 4 into this one and although I haven't seen IV yet, I know that it's been awesome through the third. I know I won't be disappointed. I'll let you know.

Also an important part of the series though is Amanda (Shawnee Smith), who I also find irreplaceable. They're perfect together. And it doesn't hurt that she looks good, either.

Tobin Bell has also been in a couple other movies I've seen, although his parts are too small, underrated and not nearly good enough for him. He's a headliner, not a back up and he belongs at the top.

  • The Quick and the Dead - Dog Kelly
  • The 4th Floor - The Locksmith (Also with Juliette Lewis)

  • While I'm talking about it, White Noise 2 is about the equivalent of the first White Noise. And Stir of Echoes is far, far better than Stir of Echoes 2.

    I'm kind of the Go-To Girl at my video place. Every time I go in someone that works there stops me to ask "is ________ any good? How about _______??" Namely horror movies, of course. Because I've seen so many. I'm the Horror Guru. And I'm likely Disturbed.

    I'm always open to movie suggestions that I haven't seen, folks. Hint, hint, hint.


    Stanley said...

    I LOVED that movie. It has a kind of intellectual thing going on. It beats final destination hands down. Rock on!!!

    Richard Madeley said...

    Off the top of my head: Dead Silence? Hatchet? Severance?

    Vixen said...

    Are you suggesting that those three movies are better than Saw? That's blasphemy!

    Hatchet was simply horrible. If horrible has a rating scale, Hatchet wouldn't even be worth an honorable mention.

    Severance couldn't possibly be meant to have been a horror movie. It wasn't bad, it was worth watching, but it wasn't worthy to be called a horror movie. It was hilarious though.

    I'll agree with you on Dead Silence. It was very good. But, better than Saw it was not. Sorry.