Introducing Nugget

So Mom brought this thing home awhile back. I suppose it's cute enough, but it's a puppy. Everyone knows puppies are gross! All they do is eat, shit, sleep, and chew on things! Mom knows this too, so I can only consider this a momentary lapse in judgment.

The Animal Rescue People called Grandma and asked if Mom would be willing to Foster a puppy until it could be placed. Grandma said yes. Nobody asked me!! So Grandma goes to this woman's house to pick it up. It hid under the couch at the woman's house; shaking and shivering. Grandma shoves it in a crate and brings it to MY house! Mom sticks it on the back porch (which it later tore up!) and lets it out of the crate. I hear Mom say "Oh my gawd! It's soooo key-ooooooot!!" and I know it's all over.

Mom can be such a wuss.

It's scared for a little while, would only let Mom get near it. After awhile though, it noticed me, in all my sweet innocence, and decides it wants to chew on my ears. I quickly show it who's boss, but it still won't leave me alone! I'm sure going to lose weight by fighting playing with it!

Anyway, it has several names now, just like I do. It's full name is Mr. Nugget Pikachu. But it goes by Nugget, or Short Shit, or even briefly after it was neutered, No-Nut Nug.

I'll never admit it again probably, but I kind of like the little thing.

Once in awhile.



Istvanski said...

"All they do is eat, shit, sleep, and chew on things!"

Isn't that what bloggers do?

Vixen said...

That is a very stereotypical thing to say. Some days I'll shower too.

chazza said...

Totally agree Vix. .

Istvanski..All living things do...and your point is