Any Dream Interpreters?

Ok, check it out - I have this recurring dream. About once a month minimum, but sometimes more frequently. I had it again last night, but with a slight variation. First off though, I'll tell you how it usually is. It's kind of hard to explain, but I'm gonna give it a shot.

Sometimes it's my house, sometimes it's my Great-Grandma's house, sometimes it's the house I used to live with Rydar. But each time it has fishtanks in it; usually the same ones. I realize I've forgotten to feed these fish, and that their water has all evaporated. So I have all these tanks, smaller ones, like 10 gallon, and a 30 gallon, and then a really big one, 50 or 70 gallon or something. In these tanks I have many fish, all dead and dried out on the bottom from lack of water. I freak out, and start pouring in water and these fish come back to life.

That's the usual.

Now, last night, I had this dream, same tanks and taking place at my Great-Grandma's house this time, but they all had water. The water levels were low, but far from being out. These fish were eating each other and I assume it's because I hadn't fed them. I start tossing in fish food - flakes and algae pellets - and the tops of the water start churning, like a feeding frenzy. On the chest of drawers that I used to have -

I’ll give a little background here. I lived at my Great-Grandma’s from the time I was 4 till about 17. This dream took place in the room that used to be mine. -

Anyway, on the chest of drawers I used to have there were several bowls. One of the bowls was a divided one and had two huge betas in it. Three others had massive goldfish. I fed them all and then noticed a pet habitat (one of those little plastic lizard carrier things, with the vented top) that also had water in it, but contained two parakeets. The water wasn't high enough to drown them, but they were wet - like someone had no other place to put them - and I fed them fish food.

I woke up.

Most of the types of fish here I didn't recognize. I did notice I had several Oscars (which are my favorite fish) and some Dragon fish (I think that's what they are, eel looking things with little beady eyes and huge mouths) and the Oscars were eating the Dragons. Like spaghetti. And everything else, if you know Oscars, you know they'll eat practically anything.

Well that's it.. This is the dream I had last night - and I had one very similar a few nights ago - with the starving fish eating each other. I wouldn't think much of it if these dreams weren't recurring. They started maybe a year ago, little before.

Anyone care to analyze?

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