Envy Me - This is Exciting!

Here's my plan for the day. Make another cup of coffee, take a shower, get dressed (I'm still in PJs), go to the store, get dryer sheets, load up a couple books, and go to the laundromat to do laundry (since I have only 2 pairs of socks left), and do some homework while I'm waiting!

Ok, so I was kidding about the "exciting-envy me" shit.

In the past week, both of my dogs have puked somewhere. Dingo puked twice on my bed. Nugget puked three times on my couch. So let's do the math here - I may need help, I'm terrible at math - that's 2 sets of sheets from my bed, plus the comforter. And since I cover the couch with a sheet, since it's black and I have shedding dogs, that's 3 more sheets, plus the 3 blankets that were on it. And the blankets and sheet that are on it now, because they have enough mutt hair to grow my own dog. I live on my couch. So do they. Therefore the sheets get washed often, because I hate dog hair. Funny huh, I adore dogs, but I hate their hair if it's not attached. Drives me crazy. That's why I have so many sheets - that way I'm not doing laundry every day when I change them.

So I have a bunch of clothes to wash, and a bunch of sheets to wash, and my comforter. At least I can do them all at once at the laundromat, saves some time.

The thing that really pisses me off though is that I have washer/dryer hookups on my back porch - and my mom has a washer/dryer she wants me to take. The problem is, we can't, of course, move it ourselves and neither know how to set it up. Folks, this is what men are good for. And beetle removal, but that's it.

Except Tobin Bell. You all know I love him, right? Well I do. I had a dream last night about him. I'm not sharing details. But it's safe to say I do love him in a very unhealthy way.

Anyway, back on topic. I have a very fascinating afternoon planned today, for sure. I hate laundromats. Last time I went this loser asked me out. Repeatedly. I told him I don't make it practice to go out with men that try to pick me up in laundromats. He laughed; reminded me of a hyena. I was serious though. I switched dryers after that. There's no need for anyone to see my delicates before say, the seventh date.. And not even then if not of my species.

Ok I've put it off long enough, I must go.

For those of you with my number - entertain me at the laundromat! I'll be indebted.


cube said...

Call a plumber to hook up your washer/dryer. It's sooooo much easier than driving to the laundromat.

Vixen said...

But then I'd have to pay him in sexual favors - and do you know how difficult it is to find one with a nice "plumber's crack"?

No, really.

cube said...

Our plumber takes checks ;-)