How Have I Been Found?

Some of these are funny, really. Here are some of the searches that ended up sending unsuspecting, probably innocent, individuals to my site.

  • dildo site:blogspot.com
  • future disney movies
  • nauseus from wisdom teeth
  • in the rear
  • dildo
  • tammy bound
  • sick beta fish with white fur
  • hand dildo

  • There are more, of course, but those are my favorites.


    Some random stranger said...

    My site got found through the search of:

    Drink my wifes pee.

    Of which all those words appear on my site...just really not in that order! But if that's their thing, they were gonna be very disappointed with my site!

    Vixen said...

    "what is the point of a 2 sided dildo blog"

    That's the newest, hahaha..

    I feel like a veritable fountain of perverse sexual knowledge.