I Just Have to Say

I *love Simon Cowell (Wikipedia).

I'm ashamed to admit that right now, I'm watching American Idol. Really I am. This is the exact type of retarded television that I despise. I also hate Survivor and The Amazing Race. And all other idiotic reality TV. There. I said it.

But I *love Simon Cowell (images).

What's not to love? The man's brutal. I like brutal. I blame none of the contestants on American Idol for being retarded. I too, would be falling all over myself begging for just one kind word from this man. There. I said that too.

Amanda Overmyer. She's the best.

*Yes, I know I said I love Tobin Bell. And I do. What? Nothing wrong with that - I'm single - and the absolute greatest thing about being single is being able to love many men at once!

I take full advantage of this.

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