I Love You People

You're weird.

  • what is the point of a 2 sided dildo blog (Well, umm.. I don't know. I'm sure I don't know. Why would you think I'd know??)
  • steve wilkos show- racist stepfather (If it's the episode I watched, I was on his side.)
  • walmart fish buy (No. No, no, no!)
  • jigsaw dildo (I know nothing of a Jigsaw dildo. If I did, believe me, I'd have it. Have I mentioned I love Jigsaw?? If I haven't, I do. I LOVE him. So.. If you find what you're looking for -- Let me know!)
  • bible belt walmart (Yes, The Walmart has invaded the Bible Belt too.)
  • 60-70 years women dildos (Enough with the old women and dildos already!)
  • random interesting buildings in wichita (Wichita's full of "Kansas Skyscrapers".)
  • cutest goldfish (Fat puffy black ones, with the buggy eyes.)
  • ..to boz huge black meat!... and i think i might be... (I know you're scaring me!)
  • statistics on peoples likes dislikes (I am definitely not the majority.)
  • nose up tail down fish (Don't tell me.. Walmart?)
  • ezboard men cheat wives (On ezboard and everywhere else. Men can be pigs. At least more than a few of mine have been.)
  • insanity (R-Us)
  • walmart goldfish died (Quit buying fish at Walmart! Geez people, how many times do I need to say it?)
You all are spiffy - in a screwy kind of way.

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