I Previously Mentioned

A person in one of my classes that I hadn't previously gotten along with. It's started already.

Ok. I started it. Kind of.

He said:

Recently in Kansas, new laws have passed making cruelty to animals a felony. Kansas statue 21-3608 in the law against endagering a child. It is the law we commonly use when we take children out of the dangerous situations that ***** speaks of. Look it up........it is a class A misdemeanor offense. Does this mean we put more importance in the safety of animals rather than children?? I don't, but we should think about these things in order to keep our priorities in order.

Do you think I responded? You betcha.

I don't think that it's really as simple as saying we need to "keep our priorities in order". While your priority may be children, other people see theirs as being animals. I'm not saying either is right or wrong, because it's not really the point. Animal safety and child safety are not related. Animal cruelty being a felony isn't what makes child abuse a misdemeanor. There's plenty of room for both to be felonies. Anyone can say "children are more important than animals" but is that a reason for animal abuse to be unimportant and it's penalties unenforced? No. The two are entirely separate entities.

Both animals and children are defenseless and innocent. How many times do you see cases where a child has been bound with wire and acid poured on him? Or set on fire? Tied to a tree with no food, water, or shelter? And how many times have those crimes, when committed on a child, gone unpunished? Now compare that to how many times a person guilty of doing this to an animal is caught. How much time does a person convicted of doing this to an animal spend?

Animal crimes are rarely enforced, because most people already do have your mentality of "it's just not as important".

But it is. Cruelty and any other form of maltreatment is disgusting. Whether it be done to an animal OR a child. One does not make the other acceptable. Or less important.

I love making friends!

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