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{P.S. (Pre-Postscript?) Every time I battle New York Nitty-Gritty in a BotB, I lose. Have some compassion, folks, will you?!}

I don't have anything huge to talk about, so we'll have to settle for a few little things. First of all, my last post - about the recurring dream. No guesses - I feel like a real weirdo! That's ok, though, I already knew that.

I took my CPR class yesterday. To my surprise, it was really fun. I started out taking the CNA class as sort of a necessity, like a quick job and something to fall back on. But being in the CPR class peaked my interest in going a little further into the field. I'm not sure how far yet, but let me tell you what I found so fascinating.

Did you know when you do good CPR on someone, they say you break ribs? I'd heard that before too. Well they told us that while broken ribs are possible, that the horrible noises from chest compressions are actually the cartilage rib connectors. Chest compressions break those loose and the sternum falls. You folks probably already know this as most people are probably CPR certified these days, but my god isn't that the coolest thing?! I took CPR years ago and it was nothing like this. It was all about counting and age figuring etc. and this was much simpler; "if they look like an adult, treat them like an adult" and so on. They showed us a trache tube used in a trachea model and inflated. And they brought out a dummy that shows how far in the chest compressions have to go. You really have to push hard! I didn't know any of this. I knew the basics, and the idea behind it all, and I knew that chest compressions were tiring, but I had no idea just how much effort it takes and how exhausting it gets and how quickly.

I had thought awhile back, oh nursing might be kind of fun.. But then when I had stitches -

and I'm looking back over my posts and I can't find where or even if I mentioned it, so I'm going to tell you again - In December, early, I think - I heard my dog barking, so I went outside and there was a man with a machete. I quickly grabbed my own, which stands behind the door, and headed out after him. It was quite a battle in my front yard, around midnight that night. I looked badly outmatched, as this guy was three times my size. But I'm tough. And he got my leg, sliced it clean open. By this time I was pissed, I have enough scars and I'd never had stitches before. I pulled a Bobbit on him and let him stagger away leaving a blood trail and his penis behind. I'm not sure what happened to him afterwards, probably killed and eaten by a pack of coyotes or something; seeing as I live in BFE KS. Just playing my part in feeding the canine wildlife. Yeah, I got this cut, but you should see how he looked.

The nurse in the ER was like "you know what I find cool?" I was like "ummm, what?"

"Those little white spots in there (inside the wound), those are fat cells."

"That is so... Cool. Yeah, cool." I said, "could we just, I dunno, lipo them out while I'm here?" -

Anyway, when I had the stitches, I made it to stitch number 7 out of 9 before it was all over. It was fun to watch, but then I was hit by nausea and everything went dark. Good times. I decided then that maybe nursing wasn't for me. But hearing all this awesome shit about dislocating rib connectors and breaking ribs, and watching trachea tubes in action, and I'm rethinking my decision. This stuff is spiffy! And so what if I pass out once in awhile? At least I'll be in the right place.

What else was I going to talk about today, hmmm?

I'm not actively looking for a job right now, because I'm taking a few more classes this semester, and I'm enjoying only having those to focus on. But I am keeping my eyes open for a good possibility. If anyone has any job openings, let me know. I prefer being paid a number with 7's. It's my OCD. I do everything in 7's and 11's. Not like, saying everything 7 or 11 times or something, but like my lucky numbers. My screensaver's set to kick on in 17 minutes, etc. Now, I'm not interested in being paid $7 an hour, but if anyone has anything for $17, $27, $37, upward and so forth, ($77 would be awesome, btw) do let me know. I'm good for it, as I'm a jill of all trades.

I'm slightly kidding.

I watched Boo and Devil's Highway recently. Neither really worth writing home about, but if you're like me and you've seen everything else, you could do much worse than these. Entertaining, even if they're not "good". I've also got The Invasion but haven't watched it yet. I'll let you know, of course.

Ummm.. I think I'm done for now.

I have a bit of homework to do, and maybe while I'm doing that I'll come up with something captivating. Probably, because it's when I'm doing something I don't want to do that I come up with a million things a hell of a lot more fun.


Ada said...

I love NY Nitty Gritty, but you'll have my vote :)

Vixen said...

Thank you! lol

I lost again! 10 to 6 though. That's better than usual.

One of these days..

Nilz said...

first visit and become fanatic! Excellent presentation.