More Keywords

These are so funny. I'm so entertained by the things people search to find me in fact, that I'm adding a label for it. So there.

  • dildo site:blogspot.com (most have found me this way. It almost doesn't seem like an accident!)
  • site:blogspot.com dildo
  • walmart fish return policy (supposedly, it's 30 days now. But that seems excessive.)
  • shoe size gina gershon (like I'd know!)
  • my grandmas dildo (um. Yuck?)
  • witty remarks eating loads of food (Shh! How did you know?!)
  • about thursdays (One word. Evil.)
  • dildo com
  • ..an hurting yourself trying to put them back together (Amen. Not worth it.)
  • statistics old people likes and dislikes (I'm only 30 goddamnit!!)

I may be finding the old people references a bit upsetting though.

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