My Day ~ At a Glance

So my day wasn't entirely thrilling or anything of the sort, but it was different than usual, so I'm sharing it. I got up this a.m. and got ready to go to the tattoo place with Angel who was getting a dream catcher tatt with her children's names in the feathers. Have I mentioned that I adore tattoos? I do; I can hardly wait to get another one. Men are spiffiest covered in ink too. Anyway, she asked me to go with her and I jumped at the chance. I totally didn't think of taking my camera, but I wish I had. It's an awesome tattoo. Pretty large, takes up the vast majority of her upper back/left shoulder. I was very impressed. I stated that I was planning on going to the pet store after we left there and her tattoo guy (who is my new best friend because he said that when he "saw me at the counter, he thought I was only about 19". Nineteen!!) and I started talking about fish. I mentioned I rescue betas, and another tattoo guy came over and said that I was sure to get a place in Heaven for rescuing betas, hahaha.. Said I'd be like a Saint. So just call me Saint Beta. Thanks.

Angel told me that Pis Aller was asking her how I was doing - and Angel told her that I was "doing great" and getting my CNA license. Pis said that "as much as I like Vixen she has no place getting a job where she has to work with people; she's just not a people person."

Mind you, this is the bitch that fired me and I later received unemployment because they determined I was "wrongly terminated". Oh yes, I like her too.

Pis also stated that I "should be at a desk in some cubicle, away from people."

Well, um, tried that too, and it didn't work. But speaking of misplaced employees, Pis isn't qualified to do the job she was promoted to. That's not just me talking, that's the general census. In fact, "misplaced" and "not qualified" were not even my terms to describe the situation. She sits on her fat ass at a desk in a little bitty office herself. And it's not working for her either, unless her grand goal is ass-growing. Her own. Personally, I'd rather have a chia pet.

She was simply pumping for information.

Yes, bitch, I am doing much better now that I'm away from you and your band of skeezy eye sores. Thanks for asking. Cunt.

After leaving there, I picked up Mom to go to a pet store 30 minutes away (I can't find a site for it, or I'd link it here). This place has awesome fish, and the fish I've gotten here previously have all been quite healthy. Well today I decided on 5 little goldfish - Pearlscale Goldfish (these pics just don't do them justice) - but they have flukes and have to be treated before I can bring them home. These things are so adorable. They're little roly-poly goldfish that wiggle when they swim they're so fat. They're supposed to be this way! I guess they're not all that common, because I've never seen them before. They have such sweet little faces.

I also fell in love with a baby Parrotlet and I don't even like birds all that well. He thought I was pretty spiffy though.

They also had 2 adult Bearded Dragons and one kept hissing at me. (I don't know if she was actually hissing but it's what it looked like thru the glass.) I was really upset, but then when she moved to get a better look attack me, we noticed she had eggs.

Oh! And they had an Emperor Scorpion; which I've always wanted, but honestly am a little afraid of.

Probably one of my favorite creepy-crawlies there was a tarantula. Turquoise Back Tarantula, to be precise. I'm not positive that's it's name, but it seems like what he called it, something "Turquoise". He was just a little guy, so his colors weren't that vibrant yet, but he was absolutely beautiful. I've always loved spiders, and I've had several tarantulas, but never had I seen one of these Turquoise spiders before. The guy said they're really expensive too, the older & larger they are when you get them. This little guy was $89.

I know, I'm a dork that could talk for hours about things I've seen at the pet store. I'm completely fascinated though. And a lot of these critters I have never seen before. So deal with it!

They had Seahorses, and starfish, but I can't remember what kinds except for the Chocolate Chip Starfish, and how could I forget a name like that?! They had Baby Fishticks a.k.a. Oscars. They had Lemon Oscars (another pic) listed, but were sold out. I've never seen one in person before. Oscars are my favorite fish ever, you know. If you've been reading awhile you've probably heard me mention my Fishtick that I had for 4-5 years and lost to some unknown disease. I'd love to get another Oscar, but I can't seem to do it yet because I'm still upset about Fishtick. I lost him about 5 years ago. He was almost 14 inches long. They are also some of the most intelligent fish I've ever seen.

Flashback: Fishtick did the "food dance" where I'd hold the bag beside the tank and he'd dance around for it. He also used to get pissed off sometimes and he'd throw a tantrum, seriously, that would make the entire 30 gallon tank and stand rock. I used to be so afraid he'd knock it over. One time he had this algae (I guess it was) growing in his tank - thick black shit literally hanging on the walls of his home. It was some nasty looking stuff. I wondered if it was going to eat him, but he didn't seem too bothered by it. I went to this pet store (the one I've been talking about) and told the guy what it looked like, and he sent me home with a water treatment that turned the water blue. Killed the black shit right off though. I gave Fishtick ping-pong balls to play with too. He loved them. He'd wake me up once in awhile banging it against the hood of his aquarium. And when I changed his water, he'd swim to the bottom of the tank and lay a little on his side.. I'm sure he knew he was making me feel horrible thinking he was dying because I had the audacity to clean his tank. I miss my Fishtick.


Mom fell in love with a pair of turtles - some kind of box turtle, but I can't remember technical names - and she's seriously thinking about getting them. The guy said though, that they're so hard to hibernate in captivity that most of the time people just don't do it. Temperatures and foods and so on are so difficult to perfect and it's a big risk. The catch though is that since they're not being hibernated, their life spans are shortening. This species lives about 40-45 years he said, but if they don't hibernate, it's knocked down to 25-30 or so. I understand the concept of huge risk etc. but my personal opinion on the matter is that if you can't take care of them right then you shouldn't get them. The idea of not giving them appropriate care and shortening their lives by 10-20 years is just horrible to me.

One's male and one's female, and they've been together forever. They're pretty big, but I think it's tortoises that get huge, and these weren't that big.

I went to get coffee afterwards. A lot of coffee. That explains so much doesn't it?

My boys, Mr. Dingo and Little Brother Nug, got toys. Three apiece actually (but they don't know that yet, because I only gave them one apiece, the other 4 are in my car. Shhh!) and they got three "sticks". I can't think of what they're called so "sticks" they are. Dingo loves them so we always have to get them when we go there. They're 3 feet long, jerky-type dog treats. And when Dingo manages to steal a whole one, he tears around the house with it in his yap, banging table legs and doorways because it sticks out of either side of his mouth. I usually try to break them up first. Nugget got to try the "sticks" tonight, and he seemed thrilled too. It's all worth it to see the half-baked sugary grins on their furry little faces.

Ok, I think I'm done. For now. I'm needing to go to bed so I can get up early tomorrow and try my newest coffee creamer - Chocolate Caramel. Laugh at me if you like, but I bought it 4 days ago and have yet to try it! It's becoming a state of urgency.


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