Mz. Kitty

Mom called me awhile ago, in tears, to tell me that the Crazy Cat Lady's (this is not meant to be a disrespectful title) Mz. Kitty cat passed on this morning. I'm not sure how old Mz. Kitty was, but I remember when CCL got her. Recently, it was noticed that she was very thin; bones sticking out to the point of alarm. She was taken to the vet where they did blood work and found diabetes. She began her shots twice a day.

Now, I know very little to next to nothing about cats, so this post is based on my understanding of the circumstances. Also, CCL is a friend of Mom's that has three other cats. They've been friends for about 5 years; I introduced them when I moved into my duplex as CCL was the one who showed me the apartment.

I've only been around Mz. Kitty a handful of times. She is a beautiful cat, and has a wonderful personality. And I say this as a so called "cat-hater" and dog person. She has this gorgeous black and white long fur. Most cats I've met are particularly standoffish, but not Mz. Kitty, she's extremely friendly - even letting me brush her.

We believe it was diabetic shock. CCL's given her her shots like clockwork and changed her food and everything the vet suggested, but we think she may have had prior organ damage. As mentioned she has a ton of long fur, she could have been thinner and worse off than realized.

Even my Mom loves Mz. Kitty. And my Mom is afraid of cats.

CCL requested I go to the vet with her and my Mom after work ~ she's wanting to have Mz. Kitty cremated. Of course, I said I'd go.

The medication seemed to be helping. Mz. Kitty was gaining weight and acted as if she was feeling better. CCL was with Mz. Kitty this morning when she passed on. She wasn't alone her last few moments here.

Mz. Kitty is a perfect soul whose time here was far too short. Until next meeting,

Goodnight, Mz. Kitty

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