No, This isn't Going to be a Fascinating Post

Sorry, folks. I don't have a whole lot to talk about the past few days, all I've done is homework and classes. I'm actually ahead for a change, and those of you who know me, or have read my blog awhile, know that this is rare. The in-class portion of my current class is over and we're starting clinicals next week. Somehow I doubt that it's going to be as much fun from here on out. My classmates are awesome - and we're going to be split up for clinicals. It makes me emo. It makes them emo too. We traded numbers and have determined the best course of action is to text throughout class. Makes sense, right? Most of us have decided we're taking a following class together as well. Everything goes better when you're with people you enjoy. Since there aren't many people I enjoy, I prefer to hang on to those I do.

Moving on.. my babies are well. Dingo is the greatest dog on the planet. And Nugget, well, Nugget's a monster in a cute little pointy eared puppy suit. He's adorable when he's tired. Unfortunately, he only seems to get tired by barking incessantly. Yes, he's a barker. I can't remember ever having a dog that barked all the time. I understand shaken baby syndrome. They just.... won't.... stop.... barking crying. I chase his little ass down, threaten him with his life, but when I pick him up to violently shake him he looks all sweet and innocent and gives me kisses. Completely ruins my evil plans of beating him senseless.

Here I better add that I do not condone beating or otherwise harming any living creature in any way. Even if they are baby humans.

Umm.. Let's see. I haven't watched any other movies since The Invasion - but I have rented more: Confess, Gone Baby Gone, and We Own the Night. Will, of course, let you know.

There's a cop in my Criminology class that I had a prior class with and we fought.. A lot. I think the big one was about raising children - and how all these things should be illegal because children shouldn't be raised that way, or something like that. I told him in no uncertain terms that while those things should probably be illegal, that it wasn't society's job to raise everyone's children; that responsibility lies with the parents. He was all for rehabilitating criminals, etc. too and this of course pissed me off. There are too many people who want and need help to prevent crimes than to worry about people that have already fucked up. If there's enough time and compassion left over for rehabilitating criminals, then so be it, but it's not the highest priority.

I know that's really random and doesn't make a lot of sense because I don't recall most of it, but perhaps there'll be more this semester. Different teacher too - the last teacher (one of my favorites) stayed out of the arguments.. I think he figured I'd beat the guy into submission (this teacher had had me in several classes before, haha) and the fight would cease. That was pretty much what happened, except it was more like "we're going to have to agree to disagree" than the usual "ok, ok Vix, you're absolutely right!" Which, by the way, I have heard a few times before ;)

Oh! I almost forgot.. My beloved Stratus went to the Cosmetology Body Shop yesterday to repair all the damage done by the tree that fell on my car during the Ice Age. I took a few pictures of the damage, but it's not easy to see and I haven't uploaded them yet. When I do I'll post. But they expect to have my car for at least 2 weeks as they have to replace the entire roof and likely a door. In the meantime, my insurance company got me a rental - a beautiful bright blue '07 Cobalt (I will also add pictures of this when I take them. We all know how I like taking pictures that everybody cares to see). It was all the rental place had when I got there in the middle of the day - and while the Cobalt drives quite nicely, it's entirely generic. I mean, it has automatic headlights, but I actually have to manually lock each door and roll down each window. What's up with that?! They told me to come back in a few days and trade it out for something I want to drive.

I think everything else I have is even less interesting than what I've said above. So I'll end this here - go forth and conquer folks, and all that happy shit.

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