Pet Peeve #19 - Nonexistent Man Ass

I went out with my Mom this evening, to her favorite restaurant. This isn't a new peeve of mine, but this is the first time I thought to myself "that's it! I'm adding it to my blog! Oh you just wait till I blog about you! Hahahaaa!"

I make fun of people for taking this blogging thing too seriously. Really. It's different when it's me though, you understand.

Well this guy and his wife/girlfriend walk by with a kid. I had my back to the door, so I didn't see these people from the front until they sat down. Wifey and the brat aren't even relevant, but I mention them anyway for a reason. That reason being simply that I wonder what the fuck she's thinking.

Get to the point? Ok. He had no ass. I'm not referring to this guy having an unimpressive ass, or even a skinny ass, because those are too common and while annoying as hell, seriously not worth the mention. This guy was one of those whose jeans just sort of hang there. I'm not sure why this even qualifies as a peeve to me, but it does. This isn't the first thing I look for on a man, and it's not even really very important to me. I don't really care about his ass. But when it's nonexistent, that's just so... Nasty.

Pad that thing. Butt implants, maybe. Something needs to be done. I'd take fat over bony any day.

I used to have a friend - a big, big girl - and she told me that she prefers skinny men. When I told her that I can't stand them skinny she said "most smaller girls don't, they prefer big guys". I don't think I realized until tonight just how right she actually was.

I'm rambling, I know. I should be sleeping, it's past my bedtime. I just wanted to blog about this issue because it's, you know, important and shit. I am now formally adding "An Ass" to my list of requirements. I have to have something to grab onto.

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