The Problem With Married Men

You can work with a married man, or be friends with a married man, and no matter how good the relationship (even platonic, yes), he will pretend he doesn't know who you are when you run into him with his wife. Why is that? I would think it looks more guilty to pretend you don't know someone than to just say "Hey honey (to his wife), this is so-and-so from work," or "Honey this is my friend so-and-so". You underestimate your wife if you think she doesn't realize you know the "so-and-so" at hand. She can tell by the shifty glances and overdone efforts to pretend she doesn't exist.

Is it because you think she'll be jealous? Is it because you think your friend/coworker is going to go Fatal Attraction on you? Perhaps you just overestimate your attractiveness to the opposite sex.

Alright, I'm being a bit antagonistic.

Everyone knows how little I think of men that cheat. But it's funny to me, really, that men can carry on these overtly blatant email conversations loaded with sexual innuendo but dummy-up when wifey's around and feign innocence. It's so transparent. And your wife can see through you too.

The bottomline here is that if I'm not good enough to acknowledge when you're with your wife, then I'm not good enough to e-fornicate with either.

I speak from past experience, of course, but not currently.

In fact, on the contrary, I think the greatest thing about married men is that you don't have to play nicey with the wife and when you're done with them you can just toss them back to the Missus.

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