Today is Homework Day

Because while I waited till the last minute for one class - I'll be ahead in two others.

Some random things:

My first attempt at minestrone turned out kind of.. well.. The veggies are perfect, but the "soup" part is pretty tasteless without tons of salt. Anyone have any suggestions on seasonings?

Here are the most recent keywords (quite a few because I haven't posted them in awhile.)
  • walmart dildo (I've never seen dildoes at Walmart. Where are you from?)
  • to see fish walmart
  • boz huge (huh?)
  • walmart fish to buy (I'll save you the trouble: Don't.)
  • guy get a dildo put in his penis (Some people will do anything. Send pictures!)
  • dildo shot of the day (Uh.. Huh.)
  • white film on black goldfish
  • animal dil do (Forget it.)
  • barefoot mud (Yay!)
  • dog dildo (Not here. Loser.)
  • man fuckin pet (This is one of the few absolutely revolting fetishes.)
  • wally disney movie
  • dildo in public
  • communicating likes and dislikes
  • old women with dildos (I look 19! Did you not read that?!)
  • women shoves dildo in mans penis (Well, stupid people get off too, I guess.)
  • jigsaw dildo video
  • brutal dildos blogspot
  • i am bored because my mom is mean (Then you're probably too young to be on my blog.)
  • peoples likes
  • breeding plecostamous
  • sweet dog
  • vixen dildo
  • nono sheet
  • to everyone who says it-s just a dog
  • im bored on a sunday morning
  • dogs dildos (Unacceptable)
  • make dildo out of rolled up sheet (Let me know how that works!)
  • if one walmart fish dies (Then they're all going to die.)
  • dont buy fish from walmart (Amen.)
  • buy fish at walmart (Don't do it!)
  • man's dildo (A man's dildo makes him a gay man. Just sayin'.)
  • how to dildo (It's pretty self explanatory.)
  • walmart looking at fish
  • fish at walmart
  • things at home that works as dildos (Whatever looks like fun.)
  • dog penis dildos (I am really getting sick of the animal dildo references. You fucking freaks.)
  • people taking dildos in the ass (I can't recommend this.)
  • sick beta film on body

Ok people, I have to tell you, the animal/dildo references are fucking disgusting. Which means, you got it, that you are fucking disgusting.

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