We Have GOT to Talk

Look people, if you entered a screwy keyword to find me, we have something to discuss.

You're a little scary.

While I pride myself on being rather open-minded and I'm really not a judgmental person, I have to tell you, these are a little awkward:
  • man shoves dildo in his penis (Granted I'm female, but wouldn't this be painfully stupid?)
  • she dildoes his ass (See above)
  • she dildos him (See above)
  • vixen dog dildo (This is just nasty)
Here's more:
  • blogspot sex dildo
  • male insecurity
  • make dildo blog
  • steve wilkos takes racist off stage
  • on dildo
  • beta fish walmart
  • buying walmart fish
  • man ass
  • steve wilkos little bitch
  • fish at wal-mart
  • good shit be back on thursday
  • fucked up quotes
The multiple dildo references don't bother me at all - I think dildoes are an ingenious creation. They are, on the other hand, not intended for male utilization when operated by a female. If you know what I mean.

1 comment:

Berryvox said...

And to think I was weirded out by somebody finding me through "zombie street preachers Minneapolis". You win!