Allergic to the Planet

I woke up this morning this way. I hope it's only allergies and not that I'm getting sick. I had allergy tests a year or so ago, which only showed dust, dust mites, cats, and the ash tree.. No reaction to dogs, which is what I have of course. I don't have a cat, but my block is fully ash tree equipped - and my house is undoubtedly dusty, because I hate dusting, more than anything else. I also have tons of little knick-knacks. I need a maid. Volunteers?

My "strike"? I changed my mind. Thank you to the two that cared enough to comment (do the rest of you feel sufficiently guilty yet?), Berryvox and Jeangray (who doesn't have a blogger profile!)

I got my 40-hour checklist last night - I am now able to work as a CNA. I know. Yay. It's not the work itself that bothers me, because it's no big deal, it's that the more I do it the more I realized how fucked CNAs get. They do the shit work (which everyone knows) and get paid shit (sometimes literally). Not for me. At.All.

I have another class starting this Friday (the 7th) that's Mon-Wed-Fridays for about an hour and a half a morning. Financial & Computer Issues. I'm not even sure what it's all about... Monday (10th) starts my Long Term Coding class. I hate coding classes. Really hate them. I'm not good at coding. I've scraped by with C's in my last two coding classes. I'm sure it's because it's all numbers. It's kind of scary to me, because the Health Info Tech is all about coding - it's a lot of what they do, transcription. I ace all the other types of classes, but the coding - I'm just happy for a C.

I made my first candle on Sunday! I did! There was a candle that my Grandma gave my Mom for me, and mom forgot so it sat in her van for god only knows how long. Well, we cleaned out Mom's van and I found it - melted, frozen, remelted, then frozen again. It was Country Apple and smelled wonderful. Since it had been so horribly abused, the wax was spilled over the top of the jar. I decided no way was I simply throwing it out. I had to take a knife and slice up the wax inside the jar and put it, in pieces, into a pan. During the process, the glass broke, and sliced most of my fingers up. Not deep cuts but one. I don't think it's very deep though, but bled forever. I changed bandages 3 times before it finally slowed down. Even after the glass broke, I still finished digging the wax out. Melted it, and poured it into another cute little glass with a wick. It's a cute little good-smelling thing. We all know how I like those. I was proud of myself. That candle was made with my own blood. Literally.

I might have said it before, but if I lit every candle in my house at once, it would likely combust. There isn't a room in my house - let alone square foot or empty space - that doesn't have a dozen candles. I have more of those mirrored candle plates, of various sizes, than I can count. I have altar candle holders, tapered candle holders, wooden, glass, metal. Also, scented candles, of which I have 7, just in this room. Nine if you count the two little ones on my stereo - 12 if you count the three tealights on my TV. I have three incense burners in here too - two brass and hinged that used to be my Great Grandma's - and a stone dragon burner that the smoke comes out his nose and mouth.

I just bought more candles on Saturday too. We have a store that often has 50% off on candles and I go stock up, even if I don't need them. I bought some blueberry candles, which smell divine; some tapered candles, I found the most gorgeous shade of blue-green; and these 17 inch tapers. Seventeen inches! Plus I got two more pink pillar candles - English Ivy & Hydrangea, and a green/black musk candle called Midnight. Various smaller tapers - blue, white, and yellow; a pack of French Vanilla votives; two glass votive holders; two Mandarine Orange (Japanese marked - Serenity) candles; two Tropical Rain (Japanese marked - Longevity); and 27 unscented tiny pillars - for the 5 tiny pillar holders I've had for quite awhile. Tiny pillars are often hard to find. Usually I have to go to the Swami Mommie (Journey Bookstore) shop in Wichita for those. I highly recommend Journey for any New Ageic preferences. It's a wonderful little shop. I've bought so much from there that I should hold stock. They have the absolute best incense and candles, and books you can't find anywhere else. Everyone I've met that works there is extremely nice and helpful as well. They've answered every question I've ever asked. Which is impressive, because I ask a lot of questions.

Thought I'd share that.

Oh! Movies! Confess - wasn't very good at all to me, but I like Ali Larter. Some might really like it though. Gone Baby Gone - Again, I wasn't impressed, but others would find it very good. I don't like Ben Affleck though. As usual - Morgan Freeman is the reason I bothered to watch it. We Own the Night - Wasn't too bad. Good for one viewing, but I wouldn't watch it over and over like I do the really good ones (SAW!!).

Now I have Chaos, Inside, and The Perfect Witness. And a date with the movie kid. I hope he's at least 18. I should probably find that out first, huh? Jail isn't good for my skin.

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