ICD-9 Coding

I read chapter 1 last night and will be preparing to take the Quiz over it. I just have to say that coding is like reading fucking Japanese! No offense Japanese folks, but lets face it, your language isn't all that easy and frankly I can't read a word of it.

I've taken two previous coding classes and they were the same way. It's not getting any easier!

And while I'm at it - English Comp sucks too! Problems in an English class! Me! Shut up! I know how to spell, I know how to write, I know how to carry a sentence, my grammar is impeccable, and I'm not too bad at punctuation. Basically, I'm a genius in this area. Until you go and tack on rules and stipulations to how it's done and expect me to be able to remember those! Let it be known that I don't fucking care! Don't tell me how to write - I already know!

And it's Thursday!

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