I'm tired of listing all the keywords I get - just know that Walmart fish is a hot one, as are dildoes, and apparently "shoving dildoes in his penis" is another:

guy shoves dildo in penis video (1 reference)
sitting on 3 foot dildo (This is disturbing.)
furry dildoing self with tail (What a comical mental picture. No more. Thanks.)
guy shoves dildo in dick (2 references)
blogspot dildo video
guys taking dildos in the ass (I don't really need to know)
animal penis dildo (Yet still, I find animal penis/dildo references disgusting)
why do japanese dildos have faces on them (They do? Good question! Cheaper than a gyno I'd imagine.)
guy puts dildo in his penis! (3 references - and this person was really excited about the prospect. You can tell by the "!" in the search heading.)
monster dildo.com
older dildo
things at home you can use as dildos
blog didlo experience
x wif playing vid dildo
old woman with dildos
animal dildo`s (See above)
the nugget dildo (Huh? He's too young for that sort of thing.)
movie dildo broke bathroom
i cant stop dildoing myself (Ha! Let me know what you're using!)
dog dildo penis (See above)
futon dildo (Umm.. Ok.)
sex toy meme
guy puts dildo in penis (4th reference)

Look people, I'm not a prude by any stretch of the imagination, but animal dildoes and "shoving" things into penises is really disturbing. You all are seriously making me doubt I run a respectable blog here.

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