Mr. Hover Man and Fried Nerves

I only mention Hover Man (HM) because it was kind of comical. We (Mom and Mom's friend "Chachka") went to the pet store I raved about previously and while we're looking I noticed this guy hanging around. I didn't give it much thought, you know, public place and all. But a bit later, Chachka leans over to me and says "he's hovering, I think he's got the hots for you!" This is when I begin to pay attention. He has a neck tattoo. Lets face it, neck tattoos get me hot. Sure enough - everywhere I go - there he is. He was at the store longer than we were, and we were there a long time.

I wanted to test her theory by going to another part of the store alone, but I didn't get the chance.

That's background.

Into the moment - Chachka has suggested contacting the store and describing the guy, asking if he comes in there often, describing me, and leaving the store folks my number to give to him. How's that for one of those twisted fate meetings? Hahaha.. I don't know if she'll do it or not, but I do think it'd be interesting.

Not that I have the time for that sort of thing right now though. (I might be able to be convinced to make just a little time for the right cause though.) All five of my classes are going on right now. I have class at 9:20 tomorrow a.m. and then the usual at 4:30. I have a "body systems presentation" due tomorrow evening - and I haven't started it. Before those of you that know me say "oh that's typical, she's procrastinating," just shut the fuck up. I am so not procrastinating, seriously. I have finished the entire workbook for my CNA class (the only one in the class that has, btw) and I'm a week ahead in the other assignments (except for the presentation). I'd be farther ahead but you can only access two weeks at a time. The presentation is like this: I found out on the 3rd that mine was due on the 10th. Everyone else's is due in like 2 weeks, 3, the last week of class, etc. I get that "someone has to go first" and all, but fucking hell - I just started 3 other fucking classes! Likely what I'll have to do is some generic paper thrown together from copied book pages from my public library - and I'll pass on that, even if I don't get a perfect grade - but it pisses me off because I do an awesome presentation and I could really do a good job, if I had more time.

I was up till 4 last night (including the time change), yes, doing homework you disbelieving fucks, and just got up about an hour ago. This wasn't the first night of this; I'm really tired.

And, my kitchen sink that I bitched about in probably a thousand places but namely here, broke again a few days ago. This time, instead of simply being separated, the pipe is stripped and I can't fix it because I can't get the fucking thing off to replace it. My kitchen is a mess because I can't do dishes and today Mom has someone coming over to fix it, which means it may not be fixed till tomorrow.

You just never realize how important a kitchen sink is, until you don't have one.

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