Ok, Folks - Help Me Out Here?

Here's what I need: I need a way to make money online. Blogging, selling, whatever.

I'm not looking to make millions here, although of course I'd love to, but the more the better, obviously.

What I'm looking for is a way to make money so I can donate it to animals. On Myspace, there is a ring of Rescues and Rescue Affiliated. I've been reposting for these for quite awhile, but even moreso now that I have all this time, that I already spend on the internet. As everyone knows, I'm currently a full-time student and on Unemployment. Anyone who's ever been on Unemployment knows that it doesn't cover much of anything. Anything that I make online, will go to them to cover surgeries, travel expenses, vetting, whatever they need.

Here is an example:

Poor "Chief" was beat with a baseball bat or a tire iron.

This is the SAD and true story of a pup named "Chief". My last call of the night yesterday was for an injured dog in a field. Upon arrival, I could see that it was a young Pit Bull. When I got close enough to him, he didn't run, curled up in a ball, he just looked up at me with sad brown eyes, as if to say "HELP ME". That is when I noticed his wounds. "Chief" was obviously used as a bait dog. He has puncture wounds to the head and face, and all over his little body. His hind quarters are the worst. You can see the tears in his flesh, and bite wounds on his rump, and thighs and paws. Although his wounds were scabbed over, perhaps 3 days old or so, it is when I picked him up, I knew there was more to this poor pups injuries. Although "Chief" did not whimper, cry or yelp, when I picked him up, his right rear leg was just dangling. I tried to stand him up, and his leg was useless. He could not put any pressure on it. I could see under his black fur, that his upper thigh was black & blue and swollen.

When I got back to the pound, and checked him for a micro chip ( I knew he wouldn't have one, but we check every animal that comes in),"Chief" gingerly ate cookies from my hand, and wagged his tail in thanks. He knew he was safe.

This morning, I took him to VCA Bolingbrook to be evaluated. Although he is scabbed up all over, those wounds are expected to heal, and he will have scars. His leg is the problem. His femur is completely busted in half, and probably happened that same day, aprox 3 to 4 days ago. The break is a direct result of blunt force trauma. Poor "Chief" was beat with a baseball bat or a tire iron.

That is when I came up with his name. Through all the abuse, all the bite wounds, and the severe beating he took, and not to mention the poking and prodding and weird positions he had to be in for the x-ray, at no time in my possession, did he whimper or cry. You look into his eyes, and it is as if he is telling you: "I have been beaten and abused, neglected and abandoned, but they have not taken my pride. I will still love you and shower you with kisses. Even though I am in severe pain, I will not show you I am weak" I could not imagine the pain this little guy is in right now. Once you see the photos, you will understand.

(You can CLEARLY see the break in the x-ray) "Chief" is currently on pain meds, but he is being kept under hospital care at VCA Bolingbrook. "Chief's" leg needs to be plated together, and that is a $2,500.00 surgery. Even all the staff at VCA think he is worth the cost of surgery, as he is so affectionate. Unfortunately, we don't have the money to pay for that.

If you can find it in your heart to help this abused pup get back on the mend, and neutered, it would be a blessing.

I, of course, encourage any of you to help if you can. Here's how:

Donations can be called in to or mailed in at:
570 concord
Bolingbrook, IL
Please cross post, as we will need to place him in a safe home after the surgery!
Kind regards,

Also important are signatures. This one's a petition to close all of the kill shelters and replace them with sanctuaries. Go sign: here.

If you're interested in receiving updates and other bulletins of this type, add me: Vixen@myspace.com.


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Johnny Wadd said...

Two words: Naked & Cam.

There's your money.