Procrastination: The Only Thing I Don't Put Off

I'm posting because I don't want to take my ICD-9 Quiz. I've mentioned before that I'm terrible at it. I just don't get it! I think it's because it's numbers and I seem to have some sort of a mathematical "block". I see numbers and I panic. I am so bad at math, you just don't know! It's almost as wicked a phobia as cockroaches. My biggest nightmare would be walking into a room with millions of cockroaches; all doing long division.

Speaking of, though, I had the fish dream again last night. Some dead, some starving because they hadn't been fed in god knows how long. It's like they aren't fed between dream occurrences. I was rushing around trying to feed them all, telling my Mom to hang on because she was telling me to hurry, and every time I turned around I was losing the fish food. It took place at my Great-Grandma's house again this time, and there may have been more tanks than usual, because there were a lot.

No parakeets this time, though.

I'm still awaiting that dream interpreter.


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