Revere My Brilliance

I didn't mention this before, because, well, it kind of makes me look like a tard. But now, I have no choice but to tell you about it.

Last Friday, my Financial & Comp class (F&C) started - or so my schedule said. I go in, people are looking at me a little odd. I glance at the books in front of them - they're Quality Management books. I already took that. Things aren't looking right, but then one of them mentions the teacher and it's the same teacher I'm supposed to be in class with. I relax a little, thinking if it's the right teacher, right time, it has to be the right class. Right? Besides, they all have backpacks and maybe the "right" book is in them. I sit down. Shortly after, the teacher comes in. She looks at me, I look at her, she says "*Vixen?"
"Yes." She knows me because she's my adviser and the HIT program is hers. I've seen her once or twice before, but most of the HIT classes are taken online, so we don't see each other regularly.
She apologizes, and then explains that this is the QM class taking their final and that these are my classmates, but the F&C class doesn't actually start till Monday. The Monday after Spring Break. I feel kind of like a tard, but then realize that it's really no big deal. No harm no foul. I ask the secret to finding parking outside this building because there are 2 parking lots for it, the closest is always filled and the other one, I couldn't find the walkway to. I walked way too far.

She apologizes again, like it's her fault - which it's not - and gives me directions back to my car.

So I get up this morning at 7:40, shower and get ready to go to class. I get in my car, which is now absolutely gorgeous, and drive to the college.

I immediately know something's wrong when I'm able to get a parking space next to the door.

I sigh.

I leave my books in the car and go to the door. It's unlocked. I go in.

One glance at the classroom door tells me nobody's in there. I knock on the receptionist's window.

"Um, hi. I'm obviously not supposed to be here, but maybe you could tell me when I am?"
She puts her phone call on hold and says, "which class are you in?"
She rattles off several teachers names and I say no, that I have Mrs. H. She tells me that she doesn't think that class starts until next Monday - the Monday after Spring Break.

That makes sense. In retrospect.

I ask her if she knows if my coding class is going to start today then.
"Who's the teacher?
"Mrs. S.," I say.
"I don't know any teacher by that name," and she grabs the schedule to check it out. She can't find any Mrs. S. nor can she find any HIT classes that start any time in March.

I thank her for looking, agree with her that I should send Mrs. H. an email, and I leave.

Now, it is quite humorous that I went to class not once, but twice on the wrong day, but here's the thing: My schedule clearly says F&C starts on the 7th; Coding starts on the 10th.


I had to drag my ass out of bed this a.m. too. I am so not a morning person, and I was fucking tired!

It's my fault kind of, because Mrs. H. did say "after Spring Break" which would be next Monday - but my Coding class has started so I thought that Spring Break must have been over last week. Honest mistake. Even if I am a tard.

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